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RealSelf is a Seattle, WA based company that is building “the most trusted community around the entire journey one takes with any medical-beauty decision.”

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One thing that is frustrating me about this year’s version of the Inc. 500 is that so many of the companies are very similar to each other–especially the ones that tend to have jobs posted. While seeing the same business model on the list repeatedly should help you identify areas to focus your job search and develop skills, it’s not nearly as interesting. At this point I’m starting to look for the companies that stand out from the crowd. RealSelf is one of those. They are a Seattle, WA based company that is building “the most trusted community around the entire journey one takes with any medical-beauty decision.” Whether you’re looking for a travel destination, restaurant, book, or public restroom (I’m not joking), you can find a multitude of online reviews. There isn’t nearly as much information available about cosmetic surgery and other similar procedures. That’s why RealSelf has been able to grow at a 1,217% rate over the past three years.

Be Your RealSelf

A lot of people have a negative feeling about medical-beauty procedures because they instantly think of The Real Housewives of Orange County or something. The content on RealSelf goes way beyond breast implants and collagen injections–they cover Invisalign, tattoo removal, weight loss surgery, teeth whitening, and lots more. When you add it all up it amounts to a massive market that is underserved by the current content on the web. RealSelf is serving this market with consumer reviews, Q&As with doctors, and before and after photos. One of the most interesting things that RealSelf offers is their Worth It Ratings, which give you an idea of how satisfied patients are after specific treatments (“Mommy Makeovers” have great reviews and Lipodissolve leaves 2 out of 3 people dissatisfied). All of this content brings in a ton of traffic, and the attention of visitors who are looking for info on medical-beauty treatments is worth a ton. While RealSelf doesn’t have a lot of jobs posted, they do have a Jobs page that includes a Software Engineer position and a Doctor Community Advisor position. Take a look at those jobs, and don’t be afraid to reach out for an unlisted position if you think you’d be a good fit.

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