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Jellyvision is a Chicago, IL based company that excels at communicating about complex subjects through interactive software.

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If you look through our archives, you’ll occasionally come across a company that is radically different from when we covered them. If a business can’t rapidly adapt to a changing market, they’re probably going to end up dead (there are a few of those in our archives too). That’s why I’m fascinated by companies that are able to successfully reinvent themselves. Jellyvision is an awesome example. They started out creating children’s films as Learn Television, but they quickly became frustrated by the passivity of a one-way medium, so they moved into interactive software. They released a few titles before landing on a blockbuster called You Don’t Know Jack. You’ve probably played it or heard of it considering that it’s sold more than 4.5 million units. Jellyvision, which is based in Chicago, IL, is still in the games business (Jellyvision Games), but they also decided to share their ability in “employing interactivity to communicate complex subjects” through work as a marketing agency called Jellyvision Labs.

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There’s one more part of the Jellyvision empire. It’s called ALEX, and it helps company communicated their benefit offerings to employees. ALEX is essentially a living example of the kind of work that Jellyvision Labs does for clients. Jellyvision’s story may seem a bit disjointed, but it really all comes back to communication through technology. It’s not quite clear how interconnected the three companies are today, but they all seem to operate at least somewhat separately. They each have their own website, and Jellyvision Labs and Jellyvision Games have their own Jobs pages. Both have opportunities worth checking out. Jellyvision Labs (here’s their Jobs page) is looking for a Graphic Artist, an Interactive Writer, a Production Coordinator, a Web Application Developer, and Freelance QA Testers. Jellyvision Games (here’s their Jobs page) is looking for a Software Engineer and a Matchmaker (aka Marketing Relationship Manager). I don’t see any jobs at ALEX, but Jellyvision (all three companies) seems open to hearing from candidates even if they’re not applying to a specific position.

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