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Yesterday I was flipping through tv channels (to avoid seeing commercials that tell me that I’m stupid), and I stopped because CNN was running a piece on millennial friendly employers. Now this may surprise you, but a little piece of me dies every time I hear the terms “millennial” and “Gen-Y.” I think that viewing your career in terms of your generation is counterproductive. Anyway, a big part of the CNN segment was about how cool it is to work at an Austin, TX based company called HotSchedules. Yes, they have policies like unlimited paid vacation, but I think what they do is way more interesting. HotSchedules provides “intuitive, web-based scheduling, labor management and forecasting solutions” for restaurants. In other words they take the headaches out of managing workforces that have a lot of shift variability.

Are You Hot or Not?

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant or other similar service-based business, you know how much time can get wasted on scheduling. Even if you haven’t worked in one of these environments, you’ve probably heard employees talking (complaining) about their shifts. HotSchedules uses the power of the web to erase a lot of these problems. They claim that their software can cut labor costs by 1.5%, cut time spent creating schedules by 75%, and even make employees happier. Here’s a good video that will walk you through how the software works:

Wondering if HotSchedules can actually live up to their promises? Check out their customer list, which includes names like Applebee’s, Chili’s, IHOP, Jamba Juice, Outback Steakhouse, Red Robin, and lots more. I know these names aren’t necessarily associated with the heights of the culinary arts, but they sure do employ a lot of people. If you’re digging what HotSchedules does (and you also want to check out all of their cool perks) head over to their Jobs page. While they don’t have anything specific posted, they do say “If there are no openings listed here, don’t let that stop you from sending us your resume. We’re always interested in people who take the initiative and know what they want to do.” Get to it.

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