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Based in San Francisco, CA, Heyzap is bringing social discovery to mobile gaming, and you have to check out their Jobs page.

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There’s one reason that I’m not a “social gamer.” If my friends found out how much time I spent playing games like Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds, I’d be totally embarrassed. If only we all could admit to each other that we’re compulsive gamers and start talking openly about it. That’s what Heyzap is all about. They’re a San Francisco, CA based “social discovery platform for mobile and online games and the largest social network for mobile gamers.” Through “check-in” functionality much like that of Foursquare they let you tell your friends what games you’re playing and show off to them about how skilled you are. Don’t you wish you had a similar social network for your job search? “Hey everyone! Look! I applied for this job and I got rejected in a record time! 2 minutes flat.”

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Believe it or not, mobile and social gaming are serious business. There are millions of dollars being made, and Heyzap has positioned itself extremely well in the market. By being the place that gamers go to learn about new games, they are able to offer exceptional advertising opportunities to game developers. From what I’ve read, it looks like Heyzap works mostly on a CPI or “cost per install” model. That means that they only get compensated when people actually download the games that are being advertised. It puts everybody’s incentives in the right place. If you’re intrigued by what Heyzap is doing, you have to check out their Jobs page. They have a number of opportunities that are perfect for new grads including Community Manager, Mobile Games Sales/Business Development, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Mobile Designer, Mobile (iOS/Android) Engineer, and Rails Software Engineer. Just make sure you do tell them how much time you spend playing games.

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