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Hatchlings is a Des Moines, IA based company that runs "the world's biggest egg hunt" via Facebook app, and they're hiring.

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I love Easter. I get pretty amped about the candy, which is why in past years I’ve featured Just Born Quality Confections, Jelly Belly, Russell Stover, and the PMCA at Easter time (and Mars, The Hershey Company, NECCO, Charles Chocolates, and Vosges at other times of the year). But in my family it’s really all about the cash. We have an annual Easter Egg Hunt that is high stakes–elbows have been thrown. The eggs with candy are the duds. The heavy ones are ok because they have dollar coins. But the ones that you really want are light–they have bills in them. Over the past few years, I’ve been able to make Easter Egg Hunts pretty profitable, but it doesn’t come close to what Hatchlings has done. They run “the world’s largest egg hunt” via Facebook, and apparently the Des Moines, IA based company has been able to generate significant advertising revenue through their app.

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I found out about Hatchlings when I came across this blog post on Hacker News. It’s a plea from Hatchlings to get Google to reinstate their AdSense account. They got banned (and stiffed on ~$40,000) for no particular reason. Reading the post will give you some insight into how the business works, and so will this article. There isn’t much information on the company’s website, so you have to actually give their app a whirl to learn more. It’s nearly impossible to find Hatchlings’ Careers page but they mentioned in their blog post that they were hiring so I persevered and dug it up (like I will with Easter eggs on Sunday). Current openings include Server Wizard / Optimization Genie, Marketing Director, PHP Developer, and iOS Developer. They’ve had past openings for a UI/UX Designer and Community Manager, so there could be future opportunities in those areas.

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