You may know about Bethlehem, PA based Just Born for their ever popular candy brands like Peeps, Hot Tamales, and Mike and Ikes.

We didn't find any jobs or internships from Just Born Quality Confections. Here are some related positions that might interest you:

As Spring Break winds down, our thoughts return to the more serious matters in life – like Marshmallow Peeps. These wonderful creations bring about a wide range of reactions, from sheer joy to utter disgust, from curiosity to sadism. Sadism? Yes, there is a small group of people who get their jollies by placing the adorable chick or bunny shaped Peeps in the microwave to see how big they get before they explode. There is an even more disturbing group of people who take the next step and light the helpless marshmallow animals on fire. These people – if you can even call them that – are clearly on the fringe of society; however, there is hope for them to be rehabilitated as Just Born Quality Confections is hiring.

Just Born doesn’t have any entry-level jobs listed at the moment, but they do seem to update their Careers page regularly. We think any job related to Peeps is too cool to pass up, and that’s why we think you should cold call Just Born and beg for a job in the Peeps Testing Department (if there really is one). As much as Easter is a serious religious holiday, we just can’t separate it from adorable sugar coated marshmallow animals.

The links below should get you on your way to all the Peeps, Teenee Beanees, and Mike and Ikes you can eat.
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What’s your favorite Peeps to microwave – er eat?

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