Right now Charles Chocolate's jobs include: Charles Chocolates Sales Representative, Sales Assistant, Inside Sales Representative, and Account Representative.

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When I’m looking for companies to feature, I spend a lot of time looking at new startups. Sometimes I hear complaints that the jobs that we feature are a little heavy on the tech side, but that’s where a lot of the exciting jobs are these days. Startups are also more likely to be companies that you’ve never heard of before (which I consider a good thing). So, imagine my surprise when I’m browsing a startup job board and come across a posting for Charles Chocolates. They’re a San Francisco based chocolate startup founded by Charles Siegel, a guy who “has been a part of the San Francisco chocolate scene since 1987.” That may sound a little odd, but he’s done this before, and now he’s doing it again. I think the timing is right for an artisanal chocolate success story—just look at what Vosges is doing with their chocolate business.

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It amazes me that there are any people out there who don’t like chocolate even a little bit. Still, you’d be hard pressed to find a food with a higher overall approval rating than good old chocolate. And if you’re going to eat chocolate, it might as well be the best. That’s what Charles Chocolates is all about. Everything that they produce “uses only the finest ingredients, including some of the world’s best chocolates, organic herbs, fruits and nuts as well as the freshest organic Straus cream and butter,” and “everything is made by hand in very small batches using traditional techniques.” If you’re a Hershey kind of guy or gal, then Charles Chocolates probably isn’t the right place for you. On the other hand, if you are salivating as you hear more about this company, then you need to check out their Jobs page. Right now they’re recruiting heavily on the sales side. They have positions that include: Charles Chocolates Sales Representative, Sales Assistant, Inside Sales Representative, and Account Representative. These all seem suitable for new grads depending on the level of prior sales experience. Yes, that’s a lot of sales job, but Charles Chocolates can’t grow until they sell lots of chocolate. If you’re hungry for more, apply by sending a cover letter and résumé to salesjobs@charleschocolates.com with the job title in the subject line.

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