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Advantage Business Media is a Rockaway, NJ based “digital business-to-business information company” that “has successfully transitioned" from print to digital.

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One mistake that most college students and new grads make is that they focus too much on sexy industries and companies during their job search. There’s no doubt that following your interests can lead to really good things, but there are so many “boring” industries and businesses that can provide amazing learning opportunities while being surprisingly interesting. Advantage Business Media certainly falls into this category. They’re a Rockaway, NJ based “digital business-to-business information company” that “has successfully transitioned itself from a print-centric publishing company into digital-centric media organization.” B2B is a space that many young people are barely aware of, but it’s absolutely massive.

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Advantage Business Media consists of more than two dozen brands across four verticals: Communications, Manufacturing, Science, and Design. The story behind Advantage Business Media is a little confusing, but the basic story is that new money and leadership was combined with a number of old businesses and brand to form the current company. When you combine all of Advantage Business Media’s properties, they reach more than a million professionals. That’s a big enough number on its own, but it’s much more impressive when you consider the fact that these people are decision makers in major industries–they’re worth a ton to advertise to. If Advantage Business Media sounds like the kind of place that could be interesting to you, take a look at their Careers page. There are a few opportunities that looks suitable for a new or recent grad including:

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