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Framework:CR is a Stamford, CT based sustainability consulting firm that is hiring a Junior Analyst. It's the perfect green entry level job.

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I love it when I get tips from readers on cool companies to feature. I understand that a lot of you don’t want to hurt your chances by spreading the word about jobs that you’ve applied for, but sometimes it helps to pay it forward. So e-mail me at and tell me about cool companies that you’ve found that you think that we should feature. If it weren’t for a reader suggestion, I wouldn’t have known to look at Framework:CR and the entry level position that they’re trying to fill. Now, Framework:CR is sustainability consulting firm based in Stamford, CT that “helps clients develop integrated sustainability strategies and initiatives that build brand value, cut costs, and, ultimately, enhance profitability.” They’re a small company with only a handful of employees, but they’ve been around for 8 years and appear to be growing.

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Framework:CR use the tagline: “When sustainability is profitable, profitability is sustainable.” I like that a lot. No matter how much social good comes from sustainability, companies aren’t going to make changes unless they help the bottom line. Framework:CR helps “clients understand how they perform relative to their competitors and the expectations of key stakeholders” and offers “guidance and tools to facilitate their transition to better and more sustainable business practices.” You can get a feel for Framework:CR’s work here, and you can also check out their client list, which includes names like Avon Products, Citigroup, H.J. Heinz, Staples, and Symantec. You’ll also want to read up on Framework:CR’s Team—there are only four of them, so it shouldn’t take long. Finally, the Framework:CR Blog is updated frequently, so you should give it a look. The most recent post details how they negotiated with their new landlord to get sustainable paint and carpeting in their new office. Once you do that, you can check out their job posting for a Junior Analyst. It’s a perfect position for sustainability minded new grad, so check it out and apply.

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