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We’ve been thinking for months about ways to trick our readers for April Fools’ Day. We considered writing about six figure entry-level jobs or telling you that we are selling out to the evil, but nothing really seemed all that funny – or believable. The web is rife with great pranks on April 1st, and we’re just going to stay out of it. Instead we’ve found a company that is not only relevant to today’s holiday, but is also hiring new college grads for entry-level positions. We’re talking about the Motley Fool, a company that aims to “educate, entertain, and enrich” its customers with excellent financial advice. What company could be better to feature on April Fools’ Day than the one that owns

What’s This Tomfoolery About?

In case you’re not already familiar with Motley Fool, you should know they were started as a financial advice newsletter in 1993. Then, in 1994, they moved their operation onto AOL, and three years later they started their own website. Now, they’re a multimedia company whose experts publish books, appear on television, and write syndicated newspaper columns. With 200 employees, they must be dishing out a lot of financial advice. Motley Fool is based out of Alexandria, VA and has a hankering for all things foolish.

This Is Not a Joke

We thought we hit the jackpot when we came up a company with the word “fool” in it’s name. Little did we know that Motley Fool is the kind of company that every new college grad wants to work for. This is not an April Fools’ joke! Motley Fool has unlimited paid vacation and sick time. U-N-L-I-M-I-T-E-D. As long as you are an exceptional performer and get your stuff done, you will be free to travel the world or pursue your favorite pastime. We know you don’t believe us right now. You’re not ready to put down your guard. Here’s proof. There are a ton of other perks too!

April Fools! NOT!

It gets better. We sidled on over to the Motley Fool’s Job Search page to see if there was any way that a new college grad could get access to such an egregiously awesome work environment. There is, but first we’re going to tell you about a position that might seem to require too much experience for you, but that you should consider anyways. We’re pretty sure that this job was just listed today. It’s as Motley Fool’s Office Jester. The job requirements are quite steep, but we know there’s at least one reader out there who fits the bill. As a means of comparison, here’s a video of the former Office Jester, and here’s his resume. We should also note that you should have attended a Clown College, Improv School, or Brown (yes, they said that, not us).

Now that job might sound like all fun and games, but there are some other positions that look to be almost exciting. There’s a position as a Freelance Writer/Analyst and another as a Production Designer. These aren’t necessarily entry-level jobs, but the Motley Fool’s Analyst Development Program is perfect for new college grads. The program description is excellent, so give it a good look. We wish there were more companies like Motley Fool – it would make it a heck of a lot easier to write these posts every day.

The Joke’s on You…

… if you don’t give the Motley Fool a serious look during your job search. They’re another perfect option for college students who are interested in Finance, but aren’t looking for that job on Wall Street just yet… or ever, for that matter. Now start preparing jokes for your interview!

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What April Fools’ Day trick would you have played if you were us?

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