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Prime Publishing’s Jobs page shows that they’re looking for both entry level and experienced Editors, so check the job description and get ready to learn fast.

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Earlier this week we took a look at F+W Media, a company that is aggressively targeting niche media markets with books, magazines, trade shows, and digital products. Today we’re going to look at a company that is attacking similar niches, but strictly on the digital side. Prime Publishing is a Northbrook, IL based company that is, as they put it, “building the premiere woman’s lifestyle site on the Web.” I’m not sure I’d go that far, since businesses like DailyCandy and Gilt Groupe seem to be building pretty strong cases for themselves in that regard. Prime Publishing seems to be taking approach more like that of Demand Media. However, that doesn’t mean that Prime Publishing’s business isn’t interesting—”premiere” is just the wrong word. It’s quite obvious to me that their goal is to build easily monetizable digital properties, not to build an overarching woman’s lifestyle brand. When you take a look at their sites, you’ll see what I mean.

Prime or Choice?

Prime Publishing’s web properties include,,,, and quite a few more. If you visit each one, you’ll see that Prime Publishing has a formula for building profitable sites. They may not be taking an artistic approach, but it appears that they know how to make money from content (and that’s a REALLY important thing to learn these days). It’s the web version of direct marketing. I must admit that I was nervous about featuring Prime Publishing because their website looks similar to those of some entry level scam companies. It’s also a bit alarming that they don’t list the names of any of their employees or leadership on the site. With that said, I used LinkedIn to do some additional research and everything appears to check out. The jobs at Prime Publishing aren’t the glamorous Journalism jobs that you might have been dreaming about as a kid, but you will learn a hell of a lot from them about the intersection of marketing and content. Right now Prime Publishing’s Jobs page shows that they’re looking for both entry level and experienced Editors, so check out the job description and get ready to learn fast.

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3 responses to “Prime Publishing”

  1. Karisa says:

    Hi Willy,
    I contacted you a while ago to thank you for posting about Prime Publishing and to let you know I got a job there thanks to your blog. I just wanted to thank you again and follow up to let you know that this job has been amazing, and it doesn’t even feel like an entry-level position. I was able to start up a new website for the company and build it all on my own, and I’ve already been promoted to running their biggest entity, Thanks again so much for making this blog and helping new grads like me!

  2. Caitlin says:

    Hello Willy,

    Thank you so much for featuring Prime Publishing in your blog! Because of you I was able to get a job two weeks after graduating from Marquette University. To say I’ve learned a lot at this job is a huge understatement. I’ve been here for nearly six months and have already learned more than I ever thought possible. I was able to help start up their new knitting website,, which has now become my responsibility in addition to helping out with when need be. It’s been an exciting, challenging and very rewarding experience. Thank you again for looking out for poor graduates like me.

  3. Kirsten says:


    I cannot thank you enough for making this blog. Your post on Prime led to my new job! After viewing this entry I decided to apply for their internship. I was hired as an intern and worked on both the food side ( and the craft side ( for three weeks before they hired me on as an Editor. Now, I’ll be taking over another Prime site, After graduating from The University of Kansas in August I struggled to find a company with a great internship program or entry level position. Thanks to you, I found Prime and have already learned so much about online publishing. I’ve told other friends that are still looking for an entry level job about your blog. Thanks again!

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