My first bike was red and had a banana seat. My second bike was a black and grey Huffy that was far cooler in the eyes of a 7 year old boy. After that I won a green “mud slinger” in a raffle. It was even cooler, but it still wasn’t a real bike because it only had one speed. I got my first real bike in 5th grade. It was a green Trek Antelope 800 with 18 speeds. I loved it and rode it all the time for the first few years I owned it. I eventually stopped riding and haven’t owned a bike since, but I still have a strong positive association with Trek. The company is based in Waterloo, WI and has been pursuing a mission to “build the best bikes in the world” since they were founded in 1976.

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While I love the simplicity of Trek’s initial mission, I understand why they want to do even more. That’s why they’ve added another part to their mission: to “help the world use the bicycle as a simple solution to complex problems.” Bikes can cure traffic congestion, limit pollution, and increase physical fitness. That’s why Trek isn’t just focused on building better bikes. They’re looking at new ways to get more people riding and getting the people who ride to ride even more (here’s their pitch on why this is so important). Trek’s participation in the B-Cycle program is a perfect example is how they’re approaching these goals. If you love bikes and want to join Trek in their mission to make the best bikes in the world while providing a simple solution to complex problems, take a look at Trek’s Careers page. A few positions to check out include CAD Specialist, Industrial Designer, Supply Chain Analyst, Import Administrator, International Marketing Coordinator, Technical Support Representative, and Visual Merchandiser. There are also positions available in Trek stores across the country.

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