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Durham, NC based StatsSheet looks like a really fun place to work for sports lovers who want to be part of the future of online journalism.

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Maybe you haven’t noticed, but writing has become commoditized on the Internet. Good writing still stands out (which is why you’re reading this, right?), but when you’re looking for basic information, sometimes the stuff that Demand Media and other similar companies churn out is good enough. Now there are companies taking it to the next level. Narrative Science is one that we featured a while back, and today we’re going to take a look at Durham, NC based StatSheet. They have built “a collection of fan-centric, sports sites designed to give sports fans the information and analysis they want when and how they want it.” But there’s a twist. They have a dirty, little not-so-secret. Their “technology platform generates content automatically in real-time.” In other words, the computers are doing all of the reporting and content generation. That’s why StatSheet is able to have sites devoted to every single one of the 345 Division I college basketball teams.

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For me, running a web business is all about generating quality content, even if I can’t do it on a huge scale. There are thousands of jobs sites with millions of low quality postings. I want to stand out by doing something different. In sports journalism, it’s almost the opposite. There’s tons and tons of quality content—but only for the top teams. I mean, until last year my college basketball team, Cornell, barely got any coverage beyond the Cornell Daily Sun, which isn’t even published on the weekends when the team plays. StatSheet offers fans like me instant coverage of their team with a dedicated site.

Each site will include data driven insights, compelling narratives, game previews, game recaps and over twenty additional article categories, as well as photo and video highlights. In addition, each site will be accompanied by its own Twitter account, Facebook fan page and mobile application.

These sites are built on 500 million stats, and consist of more than 1 million pages. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering StatSheet churns out more than 10,000 articles per month. This means that StatSheet has an amazing amount of search engine indexable content that they can slap ads on. It’s a pretty powerful business model. It’s also a scary one for journalists and writers. Nobody wants to be replaced by a computer, but that’s where the future is heading. You can fight it, or you can join in and check out jobs at StatSheet. Oddly enough, the one group that they’re looking for right now is Sports Writers. I’d imagine that they’d also love to hear from you if you can help out on the Software/Web Development, Marketing/SEO, or Business Development side. It looks like a really fun place to work for sports lovers, and you can reach out to them at

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