Day #5 of revisiting the entry-level employers whom we've already featured on One Day, One Job. A lot of the companies are still hiring!

We didn't find any jobs or internships from Recapping and Revisiting #5. Here are some related positions that might interest you:

This is it in terms of revisiting the for profit companies (here’s Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 in case you missed them). Tomorrow and Sunday we’ll be looking at the non-profit side of things. We’re still working on cleaning up all of our previous posts about entry-level jobs, but we should be done with that by Monday. We’re continuously surprised by the number of jobs that are still out there, so have at it!

Bliss: It seems like Bliss always needs Licensed Estheticians and Sales Freelancers, but a job as a Copywriter at Bliss is pretty sweet. The standards must be high considering the quality of their copy.

Current: There are still a ton of entry-level jobs at this online media outlet.

Dash: They’ve definitely expanded their hiring since we featured them. Possibilities for new grads include Marketing Evangelist, Technical Support, Manager of Customer Loyalty, Web Application Engineer and Service Operations Analyst.

Honda R&D: The auto manufacturer is still hiring plenty of new engineering graduates.

Nutricate: They still don’t list jobs, so you’ll have to cold call this one.

Bag Borrow or Steal: The only opening for new grads right now is as a Web Designer.

Tech Image: Don’t mess around looking for a job listing, they’re more than willing to speak with new grads who have an interest in PR.

Animal Replacement Technologies: Submit a resume and see what happens. They don’t have any job listings.

Navigant Consulting: They have one position as an Energy Consultant open. They’ve completely redesigned their website, so we’re working on cleaning up broken links in the post.

LeapFrog: Associate Licensing Manager and Curriculum Specialist look like the best fits for entry-level candidates right now.

GotVMail: There are some interesting openings in software development as well as in HR.

CarMax: They have a set program for entry-level hiring, but we’re not sure what their timeline is. Not much has changed.

NASA: Reading our original post is still the best way to navigate NASA’s hiring process.

AngelVision Technologies: The listings are exactly the same as when we first featured them.

Amerikal: They don’t list job openings on their site, so you’re going to have to try cold calling.

Draftfcb: We’re pretty sure that they hire at the entry-level, but all of their listings seem to be for mid-level or senior positions. You can just e-mail a resume and see what happens.

DigitalGlobe: The only position that stood out to us as entry-level is as a Space Vehicle Operator. Sounds pretty neat.

Fog Creek Software: The job openings that are listed are the same, but we’d be surprised if Fog Creek hasn’t already filled them.

Carnegie Learning: The only current openings for new grads are in software development.

Pi Media: We were celebrating Pi Day here, so we were more focused on the holiday than the jobs. Still, there are no specific listings, but cold calling is worth a shot.

That’s it! We’ll revisit all of these employers again in another few months.

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