Day #4 of our revisiting entry-level employers whom we've already featured on One Day, One Job. Many of the companies are still hiring!

We didn't find any jobs or internships from Recapping and Revisiting #4. Here are some related positions that might interest you:

We’re still working really hard on cleaning up our archives of entry-level jobs and revisiting employers. In case you missed Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3, there are still an amazing number of entry-level jobs out there. If you notice some new things around here, sit tight and we’ll explain when we’ve completed the changes. There won’t be anything earth shattering, but we’re doing our best to make sure that our old postings remain useful for college job searchers and that our new posts address some of the recommendations that you all have submitted.

Thrillist: Thrillist is hiring new grads in Ad Sales, Software Development, and Editorial.

Bear Naked: Still no job listings, but feel free to send a resume.

Squidoo: Seth Godin doesn’t need any more help right now, but we’ll let you know when he does.

Freedom-2: No jobs listed, but they’d like to hear from people who have backgrounds in Quality Control, Manufacturing, and Product Development.

Nanosolar: If you’re into alternative energy, a position as a Junior Design Engineer, Test Engineer, or Formulations Engineer at Nanosoloar could be pretty cool.

Organic Valley: Their listings aren’t very specific, but there appear to be quite a few entry-level openings in Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, Agriculture / Farm Related, and Production Scheduling.

woot!: Woot’s job postings are still hilarious, and they still have some great opportunities for new grads in Web Design, Software Development, and Inventroy.

Automattic: They keep cranking out amazing software releases, but they haven’t updated their job postings. Maybe they haven’t hired anyone yet, or maybe they’ve been too busy with WordPress 2.5 to bother updating.

Blackboard: Despite having a lot of jobs listed, only the Associate Project Manager position looks right for new grads. We could have missed a few, so look for yourself if you’re a Blackboard addict.

Netflix: Lots of jobs at Netflix, but there’s not much at the entry-level. They do allow general applications.

NFL Teams: We couldn’t find anything except a couple Sales positions that require previous sales experience.

BAE Systems: It’s easy to search for jobs for new grads at BAE, unfortunately no results turn up. It seems like they hold to a campus recruiting schedule for their entry-level hiring.

Facebook: It looks like Facebook still has a ton of openings for new grads. They’re not as focused on years of experience as they are on functional skills. Take a good look at the job descriptions and make sure you’re qualified, because Facebook is way more selective than you are when it comes to accepting friend requests.

Fox News: There are a ton of jobs that are perfect for new grads, especially in Advertising, Production, and Research.

ESPN: There are over 200 job openings at ESPN, plenty of them require no previous work experience. You’ll have to browse through them to see what appeals to you.

Wegmans: To get anywhere with our favorite grocery store, you’re going to have to start in one of their retail locations.

ProFlowers: There’s a Quality Assurance Content Tester position. That’s it.

OpenTable: Make yourself a reservation for an entry-level job in Marketing, Client Relations, or Technical Support at OpenTable.

eHarmony: There are a couple Analyst positions and a Social Networking Manager job. None of them are clearly for new grads, but you might still be compatible.

Tiffany & Co.: There are a ton of a new job listings here. Many of them are in Sales, but there are a few that will put that college degree to use.

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