Bliss is headquartered in NYC and they're a luxury spa that has also developed their own successful line of spa products.

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Job searching is stressful. Sometimes you need to just relax and let your mind clear before you continue on with your search. There are a lot of ways to relax, but what if you could find a job that is all about relaxation? That’s what Bliss offers. Ok, their employees have to work like any other company’s employees, but how bad can it be when your company’s About page starts like this? “After giving a million massages, a trillion triple oxygen treatments and about a bazillion Brazilians, we’ve learned a thing or two—and our passion is passing that ‘glow-how’ on to you.” So, maybe you don’t need to take time off from your job search to relax; you can dream about Bliss and their spas while putting together a killer cover letter that will ensure a future with a relaxation-based work experience. And before we forget, you might want to check out the online sale Bliss has going on right now, they’re offering up to 80% off on their products.

We really like the way Bliss talks about jobs on their website, but we think they might want to change the way that they link to their careers page. It’s titled “Bliss on the Job,” which sounds nice, but could mean a lot of things (like a listing of companies that offer Bliss products or services as perks to their employees). We appreciate the creativity. We love the effort. But it’s just not straight forward enough for someone who is honed in on finding job openings. Other than that, we love Bliss’ careers site. Their job descriptions are fresh, funny, and direct. It’s amazing how few words it takes for Bliss to get the point across about who they want to hire. They put many other employers to shame, because they realize that a job description is about getting people excited to work for you, not about listing a million qualifications that are irrelevant to whether or not you can do the job.

Most of Bliss’ entry-level jobs are located at their corporate office in New York City. The only clear cut entry-level jobs at Bliss are as an HR Coordinator, for someone who majored in an HR related field, and as Licensed Estheticians (the job description says that new grads are welcome). Beyond those, there are quite a few jobs that require some experience, but Bliss fails to say how much. Either they want a broad range of applicants, or they could stand to do a little better when specifying about experience in their job descriptions (we can forgive them for that, considering whoever wrote their job descriptions actually has copywriting talent). These positions include Counter Manager, Copywriter, Remède Marketing Associate Manager, and Sales Freelancer (Chicago, Minneapolis, Toronto, Dallas, Houston, and Miami).

You can also take a look at Bliss’ Spa Jobs. Bliss Spa locations include Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New York City, San Francisco, and Punta Mita. These aren’t jobs geared towards new college grads, but they might be right for your post-collegiate plans.

Don’t stress out about your job search, instead dream of relaxation while you start researching Bliss and their career opportunities.

Note: On April 25th we revisited entry-level jobs at Bliss.

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