Animal Replacement Technologies, based in Sarasota, FL, has engineered synthetic human tissues, organs, and body parts that mimic their living counterparts.

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Manassas, VA
Animal Care Technician 1 (Bldg 35)
Bethesda, MD
Animal Caretaker II
Bethesda, MD
Gardener Sr (Full-time) - Washington DC Temple
Kensington, MD
Animal Caretaker
Great Falls, VA
Animal Support Technician 1 ($2K Signing Bonus)
Bethesda, MD
Senior Scientist, Animal Sciences and Technologies
Gaithersburg, MD
Companion Animal Leader
Sterling, VA
Animal Biologist (Small Animal Expertise) - NIH - Bethesda, MD
Bethesda, MD
Tech Animal 3
Rockville, MD

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Surgery takes practice. You can’t jump elbows deep into someone’s chest cavity and reroute traffic without having perfected the motor skills, knowledge, and composure required to do so. The problem is that practicing surgery is tricky. You need to do it on a living, breathing thing for it to be realistic. There aren’t too many people who are jumping at the opportunity to be cut up by aspiring surgeons, so that leaves only one viable option. Sadly, animals are used as proxies for human patients. Anyone would agree that this is an undesirable outcome, but there has been no other way to teach life saving procedures and develop new surgical techniques. The good news is that Sarasota, FL based Animal Replacement Technologies has created a brilliant solution.

We don’t have a lot to go on with Animal Replacement Technologies, but we thought that their story was intriguing enough to merit a post. They have engineered synthetic human tissues, organs, and body parts that mimic their living counterparts. Amazingly, these “body copies” are made of mostly salt, water, and fibers. Not only do these technologies save animals from the fate of being test subjects, but they also ” provide industry with the tools required to improve test data integrity, enhance device safety, shorten the development cycle, reduce time to market, minimize risk, and increase profits.” For a full overview of the company, you might want to read this article about Animal Replacement Technologies in Biz941. You should probably look at Animal Replacement Technologies’ own literature too. We’re totally over our head when it comes to the science behind these products, but we’re pretty sure that there are a lot of soon to be grads who would find it thrilling to be a part of this kind of project.

For students who have a deep interest in medical research, biological sciences, or materials engineering, a job at Animal Replacement Technologies would be a home run. They don’t have a Careers page, nor do they have any job openings listed online; however, their About page does invite interested applicants to send a resume to Try cold calling (Edit: Animal Replacement Technologies founder Dr. Christopher Sakezles left a comment asking you not to cold call on the phone, but said that submitting a resume online is fine), and swing for the fences, even if it’s a low probability play. Maybe you can convince them that as a new college graduate, you’re just what they need and that they should create an entry-level position just for you

Disclaimer: When researching Animal Replacement Technologies, don’t click any of the links to videos (.mpg) on their site, especially if you’re using a Mac with Safari. Doing so froze our computer three times for some reason that we can’t figure out. The things we go through to bring you a new job every day…

Note: On April 25th we revisited entry-level jobs at Animal Replacement Technologies.

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  1. My company will be looking for engineering interns over the summer, but please do not cold call us. If you are interested submit your resume via email.



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