Freedom-2 has two job openings right now, one of which looks like it might be a good fit for a new college grad, although its description is a little technical.

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Full Stack Java Developer
Rockville, MD
Alexandria, VA
Systems Administrator III
Washington, DC
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Specialist
Washington, DC
Manufacturing Engineer
Gaithersburg, MD
Virtual Tax Professional - CPA, Enrolled Agent or Attorney
Washington, DC
Cyber Engineer I
Dulles, VA
Ambitious Sales Rep Wanted in Arlington
Arlington, VA
Inventory Technician
Leesburg, VA
Patent Attorney II (Microbial Fermentation Experience)
Germantown, MD

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College is when you make decisions that affect the rest of your life. You pick a major, you choose to study (or party) hard, and you might even decide to ask out your future spouse. Then, one night, things get a little out of hand. You wake up on the living room floor of your apartment, you walk to the bathroom, look into the mirror, and see that you’ve managed to get a bit of ink on yourself. No, your friends didn’t shame you with sharpies. You got a tattoo. It’s not going to wash off, no matter how hard you scrub. Sorry, mom.

Ok, we realize that most tattoos aren’t mistakes or spontaneous actions – 40% of 25 to 29 year old have one or more. It’s a big decision to alter your body, and the permanence of a tattoo is often the selling point. With all the new laser removal techniques, we’ve heard reports that some people have moved on to more permanent body modification techniques like branding. Still, there are those reasonable souls who allow for the fact that they might change their mind sometime during the 75 or so years that follow college. For these people, Freedom-2 has developed a new ink technology that might even change the cultural meaning of a tattoo.

Freedom-2’s ink is permanent, but much more easily removed than traditional inks. If you keep your tattoo until the day you die, it will maintain the same quality that a tattoo with normal ink would; however, if at some point you change your mind, you can have your tattoo removed with a single pass of a laser. Most tattoo inks are made of heavy metals that are hard to remove. Freedom-2’s ink is encapsulated in a biodegradable plastic that can be broken by a single laser treatment. The ink inside is bioreabsorbable, so your body safely absorbs the ink, and the tattoo is gone. Some enthusiasts might consider using this ink sacrilegious, but it will allow millions of parents to sleep a little easier.

Freedom-2’s website is, and we think that name is way cooler. They have two job openings right now, one of which looks like it might be a good fit for a new college grad, although its description is a little technical, so we could be wrong. The job title is Quality Engineer (Polymerization) and experience in Emulsion Polymerization is necessary (can someone please leave a comment and tell us what that is?). There is also Product Development Coordinator position open, but it appears to be geared towards mid-level candidates.

We added Freedom-2 to our watch list a few months ago, before they even had a careers section on their website. Recently they added the careers section, so it appears they’re finally getting serious about hiring. Since they probably hired before they added a Careers page, we think this might be a great company to practice your new cold calling techniques on, so that you can find those unadvertised jobs.

Note: On April 24th we revisited entry-level jobs at Freedom-2.

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Do you have a tattoo? Would you have used Freedom-2’s ink if it had been available?

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