We probably don't have to tell you what the NFL is all about, but if you love football, you should look at the jobs this NYC based organization is offering.

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2023 College Football Scout - College Park, MD
College Park, MD
Information Technology - IT Security Manager
Owings Mills, MD
Broadcasting - Media Logger
Owings Mills, MD
Area Director Of Food Saftey And Sanitation - nationals Park
Washington, DC
Unarmed Event Security Officer
Baltimore, MD
Guest Services Team - Greeters
Hyattsville, MD
Director of Purchasing - Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Baltimore, MD
Unarmed Hospitality Security Officer
Baltimore, MD
Senior Concessions Manager- FedEx Field
Hyattsville, MD
Concessions Manager- FedEx Field
Hyattsville, MD

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The Super Bowl is over, which is heartbreaking for all you football fans. I’d make reference to the outcome of how either the Pats pulled off a perfect season or Eli Manning finally lived up to his last name and got himself a ring, but I wrote this post a few days in advance because I’m in Costa Rica fishing. I probably only watched half the game before going to bed so that I can wake up at 5 AM to get on a boat. I also only saw commercials in Spanish, which are not the same Super Bowl commercials that we’ve all come to love (by the way, don’t be influenced by the big job boards buying Super Bowl ad space, they’re still a really bad way to find authentic information for your job search). There’s no Internet down there anyways, so it’s not like I could have updated this post even if I watched the whole game. You should definitely feel sorry for me.

Yesterday, we told you about jobs at USA Football as a part of our non-profit weekends feature, but while we were researching them, we found some great entry-level jobs with NFL Teams. We know you’re still excited about the outcome of the Super Bowl, so let’s put that energy to good use and find you a job in football!

There are good things and bad things about how NFL Teams market their jobs online. The good news is that they all do it together, so it’s easy to find jobs with a number of teams on the same site. The bad news is that it’s hard to find information about what it’s like to work for the individual teams; in fact, there’s not really any information about the jobs beyond what is said in the job listings. Usually, we’re able to provide you with an assortment of links to get you started on your job research, but today you’re going to be on your own while you target your fact finding to specific teams (if you don’t know how to do this, read the One Day, One Job Article Archive).

If you want a job with an NFL Team, here are some clear cut entry-level options with specific teams:

Chicago BearsStaff Accountant (Chicago, IL)

Minnesota VikingsGraphic Design Coordinator (Eden Prairie, MN)

Miami DolphinsProject Support, Ticket Sales and Account Manager, Premium Seating (Miami, FL)

These jobs might be a stretch for a recent college graduate, but you never know:

Tampa Bay BuccaneersAccounting Assistant and Marketing Manager (Tampa, FL)

You can also look at all job openings with NFL Teams.

Some of these job descriptions say that you will be asked if you have the required experience as part of the application process. We’re not sure if that means that they’re really strict about required experience, or that they get so many applicants that they want to discourage people who aren’t completely serious (and well suited) for the given job. Don’t lie, but remember that experience is a subjective term.

NFL Teams have hired a lot of people through this website, so good luck adding yourself to the list of successes.

Note: On April 24th we revisited entry-level jobs with NFL Teams.

We've identified NFL Teams as having career opportunities in the following categories:

Jobs Near You

Chauffeur Driver | Car & Insurance Provided
ALTO Ashburn, VA
Pepsi Sterling, VA
Restaurant Team Member
Cafe Rio Ashburn, VA
Caregiver/Personal Care Assistant - Evenings Shift - Herndon
ComForCare - McLean VA Herndon, VA
Drive with Lyft
Lyft Ashburn, VA

5 responses to “NFL Teams”

  1. Scott Graham says:

    I have been on the nfl jobs website and it is very good. Another great website is called http://www.workinsports.com. I actually found a great internship on that site last summer. I have been a member for just over a year and they always seem to get some positions that are not on the nfl job board. I think you can actually get free job emails without being a member but I am not sure. If you are serious about getting a job in football, I would definitely give this a look.

  2. Sara Jane Urbanovsky says:

    Hi, I just came upon your website interested in working in the sports field, do you have any suggestions or info that would help me in researching my next step after I graduate in May? Thanks for your time.


  3. Kyle Kniffin says:

    Hello, I’ve been searching for several months now to try and “get my foot in the door” with an NFL team. My goal is to be “affiliated” with a team by the 2010 season.My longterm goal is to coach in the NFL with a goal of 5 years. Anyone with similar goals don’t let anyone “scare” you and tell you you’re unrealistic.Anyway, I currently have my resume posted on both teamworkonline and workinsports.com.Both have many oppurtunities for employment and I imagine both will have even more once the season has ended. I have also looked at jobsinsports.com wich has a $99.00 annual fee and seems to have other oppurtunities posted as well. I also have looked at sportsjobboard.com wich offers $79.95 for 3 month membership but does not offer much as far as “sample” search without a membership,which I didn’t like. Anyway I’d appreciate if you guys could point me down some “avenues” to search and get in with an NFL team and I will definitly continue to share with anyone interested in what I find. Please let me know. Thanks

  4. John says:


    If you were looking to get into the front office, I could see your current approach being more realistic in the time table you requested. In terms of coaching though, unless you have a great contact in the league, your best bet is to perhaps look at your college athletics department and work towards a spot on their staff. Build your contacts in the high school and college ranks of the coaching department before jumping right into the fire of the NFL. Once you have established yourself as a fixture on a particular coaching staff, send your resume to the next level up, be it UFL or a bigger college program. The more experience and more names you work with offer you the opportunities later on to catch on with someone else that might get a shot and bring you with them.

    Good luck, Kyle.

  5. Derek Comeaux says:

    I am just looking for any type of job associated with the NFL. It does not have to be a job with a specific team. I would just like to be involved with the NFL in any way possible.

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