Automattic is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and they are the company that (among other things) makes Wordpress.

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One Day, One Job is run on blogging software called WordPress. WordPress is amazingly powerful, easy to use, and free. We love it. Automattic is the company that makes WordPress. They’re hiring, and we want to thank them for giving us an amazing product for free by telling our readers about the job openings that they have. You might expect these jobs to be suckier than usual, since we’re writing about them as a thank you. If that’s what you were thinking, you’re very, very wrong. In fact, we almost didn’t tell you about Automattic’s jobs and applied for them ourselves – they look that cool.

Beyond WordPress, Automattic also makes (a hosted version of WordPress), Akismet (spam prevention software), bbPress (forum software), Gravatar (software that gives you an avatar for blog comments), and a host of plug-ins that accentuate their software’s features. Here’s a list of Automattic’s projects in more detail. These projects are really good. How good? How about $29.5 million of Series B Venture Capital good? Automattic was also recognized as the Most Likely to Succeed and having the Best Startup CEO at the 2007 Crunchies. You get the point. They’re going somewhere, and they’re going there fast.

We first realized that Automattic was hiring after reading about them at Chief Happiness Officer. There are currently two open positions, both of which could be entry-level appropriate. Automattic founder and Chief BBQ Taste Tester, Matt Mullenweg, just turned 24 two weeks ago, so age is clearly not an issue. Automattic is currently hoping to hire a Happiness Engineer and a Systems Wrangler. Their job descriptions say it all, so we’ll defer to Automattic’s jobs page.

Note: On April 24th we revisited entry-level jobs at Automattic.

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We’ll say it once more. We love WordPress!

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