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PitchBook is a Seattle, WA based company that provides “clients with the highest-quality PE and VC data, news and information."

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I like to keep tabs on the venture capital market. While I have no intention of taking outside investment, I enjoy reading about entrepreneurship and where people are seeing new opportunities. But that’s not the only reason. When companies get funded, it’s often for the purpose of hiring new people. So when I hear that a company just took a new round of investment, I know that there’s a good chance that new positions popping up on their Careers page. TechCrunch usually goes deep enough for my purposes, but people who are in the industry need much more in-depth information. That’s why go to PitchBook, a Seattle, WA based company that provides “clients with the highest-quality PE and VC data, news and information, with an acute focus on deals and companies.”

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In the venture capital and private equity worlds, a lot happens behind closed doors. For every deal that you see that gets a ton of press, there are many more that fly under the radar. Those deals may not be of general interest to most people, but they’re essential data points for many in the industry. PitchBook “follows every deal from initiation to exit” so that they can supply data and tools that are useful at “every stage and aspect of a transaction-from sourcing deals to networking to establishing comparables.” Most of PitchBook’s data is closed off since selling access is how they make money, but you can get a peek inside by checking out their daily newsletter. If you dig the content, visit PitchBook’s Jobs page. Right now they have some great opportunities for new or recent grads including Client Development Associate, Inside Sales Representative, Research Associate, and UX Designer / Junior Product Manager. All of these positions offer a great opportunity to break into an industry that can be really hard to break into.

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