iFixit is a San Luis Obispo, CA based company that wants “to show the world how to fix every thing.”

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The technology of the 90s and early 2000s was durable. Most devices were built like tanks because a few extra ounces (or pounds) here and there don’t really matter when many of the components are already so heavy. Today size and weight are main selling points for most types of electronics. The only problem is that today’s devices seem far more susceptible to breaking. It’s a tradeoff, but it sucks to be on the losing end when you drop your three-day old $600 phone on the grass and the screen shatters. Manufacturers and third parties have started offering all kinds of repair services, but they’re still expensive. Why can’t you just do it yourself?
With the help of iFixit you can. They are a San Luis Obispo, CA based company that wants “to show the world how to fix every thing.” They seem to be having some success with that, as they landed on the Inc. 5000 with 223% three-year growth to $9.8 million in revenue.

You Fix It

We all have that friend with the broken phone. The screen is cracked beyond recognition, but he or she is either too stubborn or too broke to get it fixed. iFixit will not only give him or her a step by step guide on how to fix almost anything, but they can also provide all of the necessary tool and parts for a reasonable cost. You can see iFixit in action by reading their Customer Stories. I love that iFixit is as focused on education as they are on selling stuff. Even if you didn’t break something, you can use their guides to learn how things work, tinker, and hack. If you want “i” in iFixit to be you, check out iFixit’s Careers page. It includes a video and a few job postings including Office Manager / Executive Assistant, Junior Designer, Technical Writer / Tinkerer, and Sales Support Associate.

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