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If you’d like to get involved with Global Inheritance and their new take on social activism, then you should check out their Idealist page.

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If you haven’t already taken a look at our profile on MATCH Public Charter School, now is the time to do it. They’re changing the world of education, and they’re hiring a ton of new grads.

On Friday we took a look at Voxiva, a company that uses mobile technology to help people make simple behavioral changes to improve their health. They’re a for-profit company that is using creative ways to encourage behavioral change to better the world. Global Inheritance is a non-profit that is taking a similar approach, but doing so in a very different way. The Los Angeles, CA based organization develops “unique initiatives [that] focus on the power of creativity to communicate issues with audiences that need a kick in the butt.” The audiences that they’re talking about seem to be largely those at concerts and festivals, but it could be anywhere where young people congregate (and that includes online communities).

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Global Inheritance is extremely program focused. They claim to devote 98% of their time designing and executing programs (and not fundraising). These programs are typically focused on using “technology, the arts and interactivity” to reinvent “activism by inspiring people to act responsibly and make the right small every-day choices, which are the ones that matter and create change.” Global Inheritance’s programs include Energy Playground, Energy FACTory, TRASHed :: Recycling Store, TRASHed :: Art of Recycling, Tour Rider, Environmentaland, and more. Some of the programs seem a little goofy (like having Spin and Shake classes where “bike-powered blenders to generate delicious protein shakes for all participants”), but they’re certainly thought-provoking. If you’d like to get involved with Global Inheritance, then you should check out their Idealist page. Right now they’re looking to hire a Special Project Coordinator. The position starts as an unpaid internships but will turn into a paid, full-time position after a month of excellent performance.

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