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GasPedal is an Austin, TX based social media company that “teaches businesses to be nicer to you," and they're hiring.

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I’m often frustrated by companies that use too many buzzwords. Social media companies can be some of the worst offenders–their business is about being ahead of the curve, so they want to sound like it. Just tell me what you do! That’s why I was refreshed when I ended up on the website for GasPedal, an Austin, TX based social media company that says what they do in big letters on their home page. They “teach businesses to be nicer to you.” They do this by running “fantastic communities,” hosting “thrilling events, and writing “about marketing ideas you can actually use.” There’s also a consulting and training part of the business that I’ll bet is pretty significant.

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GasPedal has three major projects, and two major events. The projects are,, and GasPedal Consulting. The events are BlogWell and Word of Mouth Crash Course. Take a close look at all of these sites–they’ll give you a much better idea of what it is that GasPedal actually does. Once you’ve got that, then you should take a look at what Life at GasPedal is like. If you’re excited by what you read, then it’s time to check out their Jobs page. Right now they’re looking to fill two Council Admin positions (one is for Read the job descriptions and consider applying.

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