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If you’re passionate about how our government deals with disasters, then you should get involved with the Disaster Accountability Project.

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We got a few inches of snow here in Chicago yesterday. It wasn’t an all out disaster like it might have been in a southern state where an inch of snow is cause for shutting down everything, but I’m sure it caused a few headaches for people. Even simple things like a small snowstorm remind us that we can’t control everything. Disasters, whether they’re caused by weather, accidents, terrorists, or negligence, are always a risk. There’s not much that we can do to prevent most types of disasters, but we can always be better prepared to cope with them. The Disaster Accountability Project is a West Hartford, CT based non-profit organization that aims to improve “the nation’s disaster management systems through public accountability, citizen oversight and empowerment, whistle-blower engagement, and policy research.”

Finding Opportunity in a Disaster

It should be no surprise that the Disaster Accountability Project was started in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. It was a natural disaster that was actually predicted to happen (even if only a few days in advance), yet it was mismanaged at nearly every level. If our governments can’t adequately prepare for what they know is coming, how will they ever deal with things like major earthquakes that come out of nowhere? The Disaster Accountability Project exists not only to push for better government preparedness, but also to blow the whistle when disasters have already happened and aren’t being addressed adequately. If this is a topic that you’re passionate, then you should get involved with the Disaster Accountability Project. They don’t have any jobs posted right now, but they have a ton of volunteer opportunities that could turn into jobs in the future. They’re especially looking for people with the following skills: online research (basic, policy, legal), organizing & outreach, fundraising (small and large donations, grant research and writing, evening planning), writing, graphic design, and web design & programming.

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