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Yesterday we talked about one way that brick and mortar businesses are catching up with their online counterparts, and today we’re going to dig deeper into how the Internet is changing the landscape for local businesses. In the past we’ve look at companies like Yelp, Groupon, Yext, and even Google that help local businesses do a better job of marketing themselves. Today we’re going to take a look at Demandforce, a San Francisco, CA based company that helps “service businesses thrive in the Internet economy.” How do they do this? Demandforce provides software-as-service that transforms a business’ customers into a powerful social network. By encouraging referrals and reviews from existing customers, the software helps attract new customers. While it also helps businesses retain existing customers by making it easy to stay in touch with them.

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Some of the businesses that are best suited to Demandforce are Dental Practices, Automotive Repair Facilities, and Spas & Salons. If you’re still not clear on what it is exactly that Demandforce does, check out this short video that explains it pretty well:

Basically, Demandforce is an automated platform that encourages customers to take specific actions. Apparently it’s so effective that Demandforce promises $3 in value for every $1 that a company spends on Demandforce. That’s a great return, much like Demandforce’s 816.7% three-year growth rate. If you like what you see with Demandforce, than you should definitely consider working for them. They have a number of job opportunities including entry level positions in Client Services and Sales. There’s also a Facebook Application Engineer position available along with a few other mid-level opportunities.

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