Alpha 411's College Recruiting page is targeted to one type of job - Media Sales Associate. They also have Marketing Analyst and Web Development jobs.

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Construction Zone Traffic Flagger - $2,500 sign-on bonus!
Poolesville, MD
Cloud Automation Engineer - Security Clearance Required
Dulles, VA
Class A Delivery Driver Trainee
Manassas, VA
Restaurant Crewmember
Ashburn, VA
Ashburn, VA
Shift Leader - Starting at 17.00
Ashburn, VA
Warehouse Worker - Package Handler
Fairfax, VA
Store Team Member - #666 - Overnight
Sterling, VA
Insurance Sales Agent
Dhs, VA
To Go Specialist
Mc Lean, VA

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Since Yext was so thrilled with the response from this post, they’ve decided to become a sponsor. If you do end up applying for a job at Yext, be sure to use this link to apply so that they know that you came from One Day, One Job.

Maybe your demographic characteristics get targeted more often than mine, but it’s a rare occasion that I see advertisements from employers on Facebook. As I’ve already demonstrated, Facebook advertising is an extremely effective way to reach a targeted audience at a low cost. That’s why it caught my attention when I saw that Alpha 411 Yext was targeting me with some Facebook recruitment advertising. I clicked their ad and took a look at what they have to offer, and I have to say that their Recruiting page is pretty compelling. Alpha 411 is a local advertising company that says that they are “rapidly becoming the world’s greatest.” I think that’s a bit of an overstatement considering that Google has a pretty strong presence in local advertising. With that said, Alpha 411 is taking a different approach by building niche industry sites like and to help people find local providers in specific industries. It looks like a strong business model, but I doubt that they’ll ever unseat Google; in fact, I’d wager that most of their traffic comes from the big G.

The 411 on Alpha 411’s Yext’s Jobs

Online advertising for local businesses is the next big thing. ShoeMoney says so, and he is an online money making machine. If you want to learn local advertising, it looks like Alpha 411 is a great place to start. Their Facebook ads direct to a College Recruiting page that does an excellent job of telling their story. It includes a timer that counts down to their next resume deadline, a detailed job description, a list of benefits, 3 “Day in the Life” profiles of current Alpha 411 employees, and a general outline of the recruiting process. It’s everything that a college recruiting page should be.

Alpha 411’s College Recruiting page is actually only targeted to one type of job – Media Sales Associate. It’s a Sales job that, judging from the picture on their website, requires a lot of time spent making telephone calls. If you were born a salesman or saleswoman, then this is a great opportunity to learn the online ad industry while putting your skills to use. If Sales isn’t you cup of tea, then you may want to look at Alpha 411’s Marketing Analytics Analyst (are they serious about this title?) and Front-End Web Engineer jobs. These jobs aren’t mentioned on Alpha 411’s Recruiting page, but they are linked to from the home page. These jobs also appear to be entry level, so if you have good quantitative skills or are an awesome designer/coder, then take a look at these jobs. Alpha 411 is located in New York City, and you can apply for any of these jobs through the online submission forms on the job description pages.

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Do you think that Alpha 411 can be the world leader in local advertising?

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Construction Zone Traffic Flagger - $2,500 sign-on bonus!
Area Wide Protective Poolesville, MD
Delivery Driver (Personal Vehicle)
UPS Sterling, VA
Cloud Automation Engineer - Security Clearance Required
WOOD Consulting Services Dulles, VA
Shift Leader - Starting at 17.00
Five Guys Ashburn, VA
Crew Hiring Event - 11/29 9am-5pm
Raising Cane's Ashburn, VA

8 responses to “Yext (formerly Alpha 411)”

  1. Alex Payne says:

    I’ve seen those ads as well. I was never convinced about their legitimacy. Seemed like some fly-by-night “marketing” groups that email me. Hopefully someone at Alpha will see this and comment. That’d be great!

  2. Alex, I had the same concern at first too. The amount of effort that they’ve put into their Recruiting site is the first signal that they’re for real. I also forgot to mention in my post that I did some LinkedIn research of the company’s management team. It looks like they have legit backgrounds. Their CEO is young, but he did attend your alma mater, Duke.

  3. hanna says:

    how do you know he really attended duke?

    their phone #sdon’t work – I think they may not be for real.

  4. That seems strange that their phone numbers don’t work.

    I used the Check LinkedIn link above to do some more research, and Alpha 411 seems to have a real team, with real people who have real backgrounds and real connections. It’d be hard to imagine that these people could get 100s of LinkedIn connections (some with connections of my connections) while lying about their backgrounds. It’s possible, but not likely.

    I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt here, but I’d certainly caution people to approach with a little skepticism (you always should if you’ve never heard of the company before).

    Hopefully someone from Alpha 411 will stop by and leave a comment to clear up any confusion.

  5. Willy, we appreciate all of your comments and the time that has been spent researching our company. We are, in fact, very real and rapidly expanding. Alpha 411 is aggressively hiring smart college graduates who are extroverted and can function in a fast-paced environment.

    A number of recent hires mentioned that they read about us on your site, which impressed us. Particularly, our product and design team wanted to thank you for your kind words regarding the hard work spent on the recruiting site.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can clarify for you.

    Stephanie Foley
    Media Sales Associate/Recruiter
    Alpha 411

  6. It looks like Yext just landed $25 million more in investment.

    Get ready for a hiring binge.

  7. What’s Yext in Your Career? Perhaps, an Entry Level Job….

    This is a sponsored post for Yext. Check out our editorial post on entry level jobs with Yext to see what we said when we first covered them. Just make sure you use this link when you apply. A……

  8. joe wilson says:

    I have heard yext is a pretty miserable company. If you are thinking of working there, think again. If you want to make minimum wage and work 60 hours a week, have at it. Turn over is 90%!

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