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Google is headquartered in Mountain View, CA and if you don't know what the company does, we suggest you google them to find out!

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Instacart Delivery Driver - Flexible Hours
Ashburn, VA
Food Equipment Mechanic
Gainesville, VA
Instacart Delivery Driver - Flexible Hours
Ashburn, VA
Delivery Driver - No Experience Needed
Ashburn, VA
Data Entry Clerk Work From Home - Part-Time Focus Group Participants ($750/Week)
Ashburn, VA
Security Value Advisor, Google Cloud
Reston, VA
Data Entry Operator II - Google Site Maintenance
Arlington, VA
Full-Stack Software Engineer (Google Vertex)
Washington, DC
Walmart Free Sample Associate
Sterling, VA
Housekeeping Aide
Sterling, VA

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If you don’t know what Google is, you have no business conducting your job search online. You should be typing your resume on a typewriter and sending it by carrier pigeon. We’ve been saying it over and over, but Google is the ultimate job search tool. They’re also the ultimate employer according to Fortune Magazine. With that said, many of you know that getting a job at Google is nearly impossible, especially now that most of their campus recruiting efforts are finished.

I’m Feeling Lucky

There’s no need to go into detail about what Google does, so we’re going to jump right into the jobs that they are offering for new college graduates. In fact, we were actually surprised to learn that Google still has some entry-level hiring left to do. One would think that they would be in the same boat as the investment banks and consulting firms – having a new recruiting class signed up and ready to go. That is the case for many of their positions; however, Google is growing so quickly that they need to keep bringing in new talent. It seems like Google is pretty good about keeping the Students section of their Careers site up to date, so you shouldn’t have to worry about getting your hopes up for positions that have already been filled.

We’re going to focus on opportunities in the United States today; however, Google does offer entry-level jobs all across the world. Here’s a list of countries where Google is hiring students. Google separates entry-level hiring into two categories: Technical and Business and General.

Jobs Google Is Famous For

When you hear that Google is hiring, you probably think that they’re only looking for the best software development minds in the world. That’s not completely true, but it appears that they are still looking for top notch entry-level talent in some of their technical departments. Open positions include: Software Engineer in Test (Irvine, CA; Kirkland, WA; Seattle, WA; Mountain View, CA; New York, NY; Pittsburgh, PA; and Santa Monica, CA), Software Engineer (Boston, MA; Boulder, CO; Chicago, IL; Irvine, CA; Kirkland, WA; Seattle, WA; Mountain View, CA, New York, NY; Phoenix, AZ; Pittsburgh, PA; San Francisco, CA; Santa Monica, CA; and Waterloo, ON), Associate Product Manager (Kirkland, WA; Seattle, WA; Mountain View, CA; and New York, NY), and Associate Webmaster (Mountain View, CA). These are all jobs specifically tailored to college students, and they’re the best of the best when it comes to jobs in software development. We’re not sure what Google’s timetable is for hiring, but we’d imagine that they’re itching to get the process moving. Don’t dawdle.

Not a Programmer? That’s OK.

In Business and General, there is only one job title that Google is still hiring for: Associate Product Marketing Manager. We first heard about this position when were forwarded an e-mail that was sent by a former Cornell student who is currently working in this job at Google via the Cornell Career Services office. The former student had nothing but great things to say about this job, which is a two year rotational program. The word is that they are looking to get the process moving fast for this position, so you should apply as quickly as you possibly can. Also, the e-mail we got said that you should include your SAT scores and GPA, although Google’s online application doesn’t appear to require these. This may bother many of you, but SAT performance is actually a much better predictor of job performance than an interview is (no, I don’t have a citation for this, but I learned it multiple times in my college HR courses).

The Best Place to Work

For two years in a row, Google has been named Fortune Magazine’s Best Place to Work. There are many reasons for this, as you’ll find out if you browse Google’s Jobs site. There’s life at Google, amazing benefits, and employee profiles. Google offers a plethora of information about working for them on their site, but they also have a brilliantly simple layout that makes navigating their jobs a breeze. YouTube videos are integrated into job listings and job descriptions are well written and generally jargon free. Most importantly, though, Google has given students their own section of the Careers site to peruse. The #1 employer also has one of the best online recruiting presences we’ve seen, but that’s no big surprise, since it is Google.

I have fond memories of Google’s campus recruiting efforts, because they often put puzzle inserts in the campus newspaper. If I remember correctly, that’s how I was first introduced to the game of Sudoku. These were generally targeted towards engineers, but the branding still stuck with me. Many great employers ignore entry-level talent, but Google has always shown a commitment to hiring the best college students. We do know that Google can be slow when replying to job applications, but we think that they are urgent to hire for the positions that we mentioned. If you don’t hear back from them soon, you probably didn’t get the job (and that’s ok, Google turns down a lot of qualified applicants). The thing that amazes us is that these are jobs that college students dream of, and they’re still available in April!

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      Full-Time Assistant Store Manager
      ALDI Hyattsville, MD
      Instacart Delivery Driver - Flexible Hours
      Instacart Ashburn, VA
      Overnight Stocker
      Wegmans Food Markets Leesburg, VA
      Nike Factory Store - Coach (Department Manager) - Clarksburg, MD
      Nike, Inc. Clarksburg, MD
      Marriott Sterling, VA

      3 responses to “Google”

      1. Paul Donovan says:

        I’ve always had people telling me that I should work for Google. I have entertained the idea. I heard they give out free tube socks. Just that in itself, would suffice for my weekly salary! Imagine, new tube socks every week! So comfy. I’d never have a bad day!



      2. Bar De Leon says:

        Just like Paul up there, I too have had several friends tell me, sometimes urge me, to find a job at Google. So I did a Google search and found that the nearest office is about an hour and a half away in Santa Monica and the only position available right now is for a software engineer. Being that I don’t have any formal training in software engineering, albeit that I am a fast learner, I decided to once again Google for an entry level position. Thus, bringing me to this page where you have found my comment. Most likely because you were looking for an entry level position at Google as well.

        I hear a lot of good things about working for Google. There are so many benefits that are not provided at most other places of employment. I don’t know of any company that allows you to take 20% of your work time to come up with something on your own. Do you know what that adds up to? Let’s do the math shall we. If you work 8 hours a day, you get to have an hour and thirty-six minutes a day to yourself. In a 5 day work week, that amounts to 8 hours of time to you and your creative thoughts. Imagine that. You also still get to take an hour lunch and two 15 minute breaks. that adds up to an additional seven and a half hours a week. That would be a total of 15 1/2 hours in a week. So, to conclude, in a five day work week, you’re only actually working 3 days of that.

        Google is Great!!

        All jokes aside, I hope someone at Google reads this and shoots me an email offering a job, any job, at their Santa Monica offices.

        “I may not know everything about anything, but I know where to Google it” -Bar De Leon

      3. Petrina Young says:

        I just read Google is going to have 6200 Jobs openings this year. Are any going to be in VA?

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