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CouponCabin is one of the top coupon sites on the web, and they're growing at an amazing rate that should lead to some serious job creation.

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A successful job search is all about improving yourself. One of my favorite places for finding tools and courses to make me a better entrepreneur is AppSumo, and they’re offering amazing 50% off Black Friday deals on gift certificates to use for future AppSumo purchases.

As good as Thanksgiving is for coming up with interesting job search ideas, I prefer Black Friday because it’s centered around commerce and leads to more realistic ideas. Seriously, just open up the newspaper and look at all the ads–you’ll find seemingly endless possibilities. Some of the companies that we’ve featured in the past that are extra relevant today include Amazon, Ernst & Young (you know why they call it Black Friday, right?), Visa, Fatwallet, Slickdeals,, LivingSocial, and Groupon. Today we’re going to stick with the discount theme and take a look at CouponCabin. They’re a Whiting, IN based company that searches “tens of thousands of consumer emails, online forums, blogs, and merchant sites each week and even the Sunday newspaper to create a true one-stop-shop for savings.” They were formerly based in Chicago, IL, but they had to move across state lines (they’re still close to Chicago) because of an idiotic tax law that the state of Illinois passed.

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CouponCabin is more about everyday discounts than going big for Black Friday, but they did build a Coupon Detector that can help you “be a Black Friday Ninja.” CouponCabin’s key differentiator is their quality control. I’ve used a ton of coupon sites that have expired coupon codes. CouponCabin tests all of their offers at least three times a week to ensure that users aren’t frustrated by dead deals. Their average user saves $19, they’ve saved users $22,005,132 over the past 90 days, and they’ve had 231,597,756 deals clicked since they launched in 2003. It’s no wonder that CouponCabin has been growing at an exceptional rate; in fact, they just raised $54 million in funding last month. That’s why you shouldn’t be discouraged by the fact that their Jobs page doesn’t show any listings right now. I’ll bet that money spurs some hiring pretty soon, so take CouponCabin up on their suggestion that you send a general application. It’s a more worthwhile way to spend a little time on Black Friday than “saving money” by spending money.

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