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Canyon Ranch is a Tucson, AZ and Lenox, MA based resort and spa with an “innovative approach to health, wellness and holistic and integrative care.”

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Amy and I are heading home from our “minimoon” today. Our “real” honeymoon will come sometime next year, and we’re planning on going to Japan. The goal of the minimoon was to relax and recover after all of the craziness that comes with a big wedding. We spent the past few days at a resort/spa in the desert on the Utah/Arizona border, and it has been incredible. I checked to see if the resort has any jobs, but I struck out. Then I stumbled on another desert resort that has a ton of career opportunities. It’s called Canyon Ranch, and it’s a resort and spa with an “innovative approach to health, wellness and holistic and integrative care.” They got their start in Tucson, AZ, but they have since added locations in Lenox, MA; Miami Beach, FL; Las Vegas, NV, and… on a boat.

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Canyon Ranch’s history is pretty interesting. Mel Zuckerman was an overweight, unhealthy, stressed out guy. He resolved to lose 40 pounds, but actually ended up gaining more weight. Mel decided to try a “fat farm” in California, and that’s where his eyes were opened to the fact “that he had within himself the power to dramatically improve his health and happiness.” At the urging of his wife Enid, Mel used his background as a home developer to open Canyon Ranch in Tucson in 1979. Since then it has become THE place to go if you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The best way to understand what Canyon Ranch offers is probably to watch some of their guestimonials and read through some of their accolades. If you want to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle, you have to take a look at Canyon Ranch’s Careers page. There are a ton of opportunities available across all of their locations, but here are a few that might be especially interesting to a new or recent grad:

This is just a sampling of available positions, so take a look and see if there’s a place for you on the ranch.

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