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BaubleBar is an NYC based jewelry company that gives women the opportunity to “buy high quality pieces without a high price tag.”

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As I see it, there are two kinds of jewelry. The expensive kind that a guy might buy for a girl (reminder: Valentine’s Day is in three days), and the kind a girl might buy for herself. I realize that is an arbitrary distinction that doesn’t cover a lot of jewelry buying activity, but it’s a quick mental model that works for me. (I believe the more formal distinction is fine jewelry vs. fashion jewelry.) BaubleBar sells jewelry that falls into the latter category. They’re a New York, NY based company that was started by two friends who realized that “fashion jewelry was the one accessory that had yet to capture meaningful space in [their] closets.” They identified a number of things that were wrong with the market, and decided to build a business where women can “buy high quality pieces without a high price tag.”

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While BaubleBar says that they’re all about selection and affordability, there’s another piece to their business: making the purchase experience fun. It’s obvious as soon as you visit BaubleBar’s site that they are building a community around fashion jewelry. You can see it on their blog, in their referral program called The Vault, and in the “treasure hunts” that they offer on Mondays and Fridays (a chance to find a really good deal). BaubleBar is now two years old and well funded, so it will be interesting to see how the company continues to grow. If you like the style of their jewelry and want to be part of the growth story, take a look at BaubleBar’s Careers page. They have some great opportunities for new or recent grads including Customer Experience Associate, Fulfillment Associate, Retail Sales Associate, Social Media Coordinator, Backend Software Engineer, Web Software Engineer, and Sourcing Assistant. Check them out.

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