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Zurple is a Carlsbad, CA based company that builds software that starts "conversations between Realtors and leads that culminate in closed transactions.”

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I’ve mentioned before that I love watching Million Dollar Listing on Bravo. In the latest episode, one of the realtors is working with an extremely “motivated” couple who are itching to burn a few million dollars on a house, yet the agent can’t find anything on the market that meets their specifications. This is the kind of problem that agents want (the agent ends up finding them a house and getting the commission). Non-serious buyers and sellers can cost agents a ton of money, so any way to figure out which clients are ready to act is extremely valuable. That’s exactly what Zurple offers. They’re a Carlsbad, CA based company that builds software focused “on one thing — starting conversations between Realtors and leads that culminate in closed transactions.” They came in at #33 on the Inc. 5000 with 7,112% three-year growth to $7.7 million in annual revenue.

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I’ve come across quite a few online lead-generation platforms in the real estate industry. It makes sense–new leads are the lifeblood of almost real estate agency (you have to have been around forever to exist solely on repeat business). Most of them seem to be focused on quantity. They aim to deliver as many “interested” parties as possible to the agent’s website. The first three steps in Zurple’s Process essentially do that, but steps 4 through 7 are where the magic happens. By analyzing the leads’ behavior on the agents’ websites, Zurple is able to deliver targeted properties, automate next steps, and push towards a closing. Here are some case studies of agents who owe a lot of their success to Zurple. Agents are getting more closings, and that means more agents are investing in Zurple–that explains the growth. If you’d like to join in on the fun, visit Zurple’s Jobs page. Right now they’re looking for an Inside Sales Associate and a PPC Marketing Specialist.

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