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I think I went almost 3 years after graduating from college without buying any new clothes. I had a decent enough wardrobe, I didn’t need work clothes because I started my own company, and I wanted to save as much money as I could so that I could keep my company going. Then I featured Gilt Groupe and Bonobos , which both had some exciting opportunities for new grads. After looking at their job opportunities, I discovered their referral programs which allowed me to score a bunch of clothing for free. I’ve certainly become more fashion conscious as I’ve spent my referral credits, but I still have trouble deciding what looks good on me. I know there are plenty of other guys who have this problem whether they’re looking for something to wear to an interview or a night out on the town. Trunk Club is a Chicago, IL based company (their office is two blocks from mine) that aims to solve this problem by making style decisions for their customers. You tell them a little about yourself (or come in for a fitting session), and they’ll send you a “trunk” full of clothes that they’ve picked out for you. It works like a hotel mini-bar, you keep what you want and send back what you don’t (with free shipping both ways). You obviously only get charged for what you keep.

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Trunk Club is led by Brian Spaly, who was also a Co-Founder at Bonobos (but has since moved on). He’s obviously committed to helping men take the pain out of shopping, and so far it looks like he’s been a part of two big successes. Trunk Club seems to be growing well, and has been getting a ton of press attention. Though their business works the same way as a retail store–they stock a variety of brands and sell them at a markup, they’ve adapted the model to build a unique sales channel. Why send someone a catalog or an e-mail blast when you can actually send them hand-selected clothes to try on? It really is a retail experience in your home. If you like what Trunk Club is doing, then you should check out their Jobs page. They have a number of opportunities that could be suitable for new grads including Style Expert/Sales Representative, Product Associate, Fulfillment Associate, Front-end Web Developer, and Application Developer. Just make sure you wear something cool to your interview.

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