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Tinypass is an NYC based company that believes "that bloggers, magazines, newspapers, and all creators shouldn’t have so much trouble making money online.”

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When you visit most websites, you’re paying for access even though you probably don’t realize it. You’re paying with your attention to advertisements. It’s a terrible model, but it’s pretty much the best idea that we’ve had so far. It’s the reason that Google is one of the most successful companies in the history of the world. Ideally we’d pay the content creators directly on the sites that we like, but managing subscriptions can be a nightmare for both site owners and their visitors. Tinypass has a solution that just might usurp advertising as the preferred way to monetize an audience. They’re based in New York, NY and they enable sites to collect micro payments to access content. They “believe that bloggers, magazines, newspapers, and all creators shouldn’t have so much trouble making money online.”

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I’d totally try Tinypass on One Day One Job if I thought the model made sense for our audience, but I learned the hard way that getting job seekers to pay for content is really hard. Shoot, getting anyone to pay for any kind of content is often really hard. That’s why Tinypass eliminates as many roadblocks as possible to make the process nearly seamless. You can learn how they do that by reading Tinypass’ FAQ. Tinypass collects a fee on every transaction that their publishers use, so it’s kind of like they’re collecting micro-micro-payments. If you think this form of monetization will play a big part in the future of publishing, take a look at Tinypass’ Jobs page. Right now they’re looking for an Account Executive – SaaS Sales, a Business Development Associate, a Frontend Web & UI Developer, and a Software Engineer – Web.

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