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If you’re streaming music, chances are that you’re using Spotify. The Swedish based company has offices in New York, NY and a ton of job opportunities.

We didn't find any jobs or internships from Spotify. Here are some related positions that might interest you:

Bonobos is one of my favorite companies that I’ve written up. Right now they’re offering a free $50 gift card to new customers. Their awesome men’s clothing makes a great holiday gift, and it’s the kind of stuff that guys can wear to a new job.

This morning I learned that Audiogalaxy is being acquired by Dropbox. Audiogalaxy was the ultimate way to find and download awesome music back in the day. The experience that it offered back in the early 2000s was pretty remarkable, but they operated in a legal gray area and eventually had to drastically change their service. Today downloading is out and streaming is in. And if you’re streaming music, chances are that you’re using Spotify. The Swedish company launched its product in the US (their US headquarters is in New York, NY) about a year and a half ago and pretty much blew away the competition. While most streaming services offer a “radio” type experience, Spotify allows you to listen to any of their 20 million licensed songs whenever you want.

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While Spotify’s free service is pretty awesome, it does have some limitations. There are ads, listening limits (depending on your country), and restrictions on mobile use. That’s how Spotify gets you to open up your wallet. Their freemium model means that you can pay to get unlimited, ad free listening on any device you want. It’s working. 1 in 4 of their 20 million worldwide users are paying customers. Spotify has done a great job of getting people to pay for music again, but they still have a long way to go before they reach profitability. Running a technology company is expensive, and it’s even more expensive when you have to lease the rights to all of the content that you provide. But Spotify has funding and a great market position, so the future looks bright. If you want to be part of it, visit Spotify’s Jobs page. They have a ton of jobs posted right now (most of them technical), and here are the ones that I think a new grad might be most interested in:

These are just the jobs in their US offices. They also have offices in Milan, Italy; Mexico City, Mexico; Warsaw, Poland; Stockholm, Sweden; Goteborg, Sweden; and London, United Kingdom, so check their Careers page for those positions.

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