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Shopatron is a San Luis Obispo, CA based company that offers a “retail-integrated eCommerce solution for branded manufacturers, distributors and retailers.”

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DevOps EngineerSan Luis Obispo, CA
Software EngineerSan Luis Obispo, CA
Software Engineer InternSan Luis Obispo, CA
Security InternSan Luis Obispo, CA
Inside Sales AssociateSan Luis Obispo, CA
Quality Assurance InternSan Luis Obispo, CA
General CounselSan Luis Obispo, CA
Database AdministratorSan Luis Obispo, CA
Marketing Assistant/Sale AssistantCleveland, OH
Quality Assurance EngineerSan Luis Obispo, CA

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I’m really into fly fishing. So beyond going fishing as often as I can, I like to keep up with what’s going on in the industry. One of the latest trends is that a lot of the manufacturers are starting to sell direct to consumer over the Internet. The independent retailers who have helped these brands grow are not happy. Their toes are getting stepped on big time. This phenomenon isn’t exclusive to the fly fishing industry–it’s happening all over the place. So how does a branded manufacturer grow its business through e-commerce without losing the trust of its retailers? Shopatron is the answer. They’re a San Luis Obispo, CA based company that offers a “retail-integrated eCommerce solution for branded manufacturers, distributors and multi-channel retailers.” What does that mean? The manufacturer still sells their products online, but fulfillment is done by the retailers who can ship the product or offer it for in-store pickup.

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While some manufacturers would probably be happy to completely cut out the middlemen and only sell direct to consumers, the majority can’t afford to make a move like that. Retail distribution is the lifeblood of many product based businesses. Still, there is an amazing opportunity for growth online. Many manufacturers have already waited too long to build an e-commerce presence–they’ve been frustrating consumers for years by not selling on their websites. Shopatron gets these manufacturers selling online in a nearly seamless way. I think you’ll get a better understanding for how it works by looking at Shopatron’s Client List and Industry List. If you want a deeper dive, watch this video interview with one of their clients:

While there are a lot of companies that help business sell stuff online, Shopatron’s approach is unique and has a ton of growth potential. If you want to get on board, head over to their Careers page. Right now there are some great opportunities for new and recent grads including:

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