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If you want to learn about results-based online marketing, a place like QuoteWizard is a great place to do it.

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Most people see insurance as a good thing. I see it as more of a necessary evil. The truth is that the large majority of people are losing money when they’re paying for insurance. Insurers wouldn’t take on your policy if it wasn’t going to be profitable for them. You’d be amazed at how good insurance companies are at predicting risks, which is why their business operations are so largely skewed towards getting new customers. Ever wonder why GEICO, Allstate, State Farm, and other auto insurers are so aggressive with their advertising? It’s because if you sign up, they’re going to make money. This means that generating leads for insurance companies is a huge business, and that’s why Seattle, WA based QuoteWizard came in at #36 on the Inc. 500 this year with 5,950.5% three-year revenue growth. They provide a simple online tool to help consumers find the best quotes for Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Renter/Condo Insurance, Health Insurance, and Life Insurance. By organizing and presenting information in a simple way, QuoteWizard is able to generate a ton of leads for insurance companies—and for every lead they generate, they get paid.

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There are a ton of Internet business like QuoteWizard. They don’t actually sell anything, but they provide information that is extremely valuable to consumers. Lead generation is big business, and it’s all based on being able to drive traffic. That means that online marketing is essential to businesses like QuoteWizard. This includes a variety of different things like content generation, search engine optimization, ad buying, software/product development, and more. QuoteWizard does whatever they can to get people on their site, and then they use their content and the QuoteWizard application to refer people to different insurance companies. If you want to learn about results-based online marketing, a place like QuoteWizard is a great place to do it. Their Jobs page shows a number of positions that look interesting, including Online Media Analyst, Jr. Sales Representative, Online Media Buyer, and Web Developer. Check them out and see what fits you.

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