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It’s not often that we feature international companies (mostly because it’s hard to say whether they’ll hire US students), but Lloyd’s of London is just so cool

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I still have a lot of Inc. 500 companies to look over as I try to find you all jobs; in fact, I haven’t even reached #50 yet. I’ve passed up quite a few companies that look interesting, but don’t have any entry level opportunities right now; however, one company with no jobs page really caught my attention—Exceptional Risk Advisors. They are high limit disability insurance experts, and reading about them made me instantly think of Lloyd’s of London, which has plenty of jobs (though most of them are in the United Kingdom). Lloyd’s of London is behind every cool insurance policy that you’ve ever heard of. They’ve issued a $1 million policy on Troy Polamalu’s hair, as well as policies on Celine Dion’s vocal chords, Keith Richards’ fingers, and Tina Turner’s legs. According to Wikipedia, Lloyd’s of London isn’t actually a company, but a “meeting place where multiple financial backers, underwriters, or members come together to pool and spread risk.” If it helps, you can pretend it’s a company. Anyway, Lloyd’s of London has a long and storied history, as they got their start by serving mostly people in the shipping and maritime industries.

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It’s not often that we feature international companies (mostly because it’s hard to say whether they’ll hire U.S. students), but Lloyd’s of London is just so cool. They’re not only a company that is just generally worth learning about (I’m excited about them and I hate insurance companies), but they’re also one of the best places you could possibly be if you wanted to learn the insurance industry. Now, Lloyd’s of London has offices around the globe including ones in New York, NY; Chicago, IL; Frankfort, KY; Los Angeles, CA; and St. Thomas, USVI. Unfortunately, Lloyd’s Careers page only covers positions in the U.K. They have a great section of their site for graduates, which provides everything you could ever want to know about their hiring process—from an Introduction to a Blog to How to Apply. Lloyd’s graduate program offers opportunities in the following areas: Corporate Communications, Delegated Authorities, Exposure Management, Human Resources, Information Technology Group, International Markets, International Regulatory Affairs, Market Operations, Market Services, Relationship Management, Risk Management, Strategy and Business Planning, and Underwriting Performance. Lloyd’s will hire foreign students, but it’s up to you to do all of the visa stuff yourself—you can also reach out to people at the U.S. offices to inquire about positions here.

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