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Quiet Logisitcs is an Andover, MA based “pick-pack-ship operation that uses a mix of technology and branded packaging to complete the eCommerce experience.”

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Today is the last day to order something with “regular shipping” and get it in time for Christmas. It took a while, but we’re finally at a point where logistics can keep up with the speed of the Internet. Free shipping from most sites often used to take more than a week. Now I swear I’ve had things delivered the same day from Amazon. Amazon is on a completely different level from most other e-commerce companies, but more and more companies are able to offer Amazon-like delivery because of a not-so-well-known partner. Quiet Logistics is an Andover, MA based “pick-pack-ship operation (fulfillment) that uses an elegant mix of technology and branded packaging to complete the eCommerce experience.” If you’ve ever ordered from Bonobos, Gilt, or Nasty Gal, your package probably originated at Quiet Logistics’ distribution center.

Stay Quiet

Quiet Logistics’ name is pretty appropriate. Most people who have received packages from them have no idea they exist because they seamlessly integrate themselves into the brand experience. My most recent order from Bonobos came in a blue branded box with a Ninja sticker and business card. I would swear that one of their “Ninjas” has hand packed the box if it weren’t for the return address label. I was convinced that I had written about Quiet Logistics before, but I was a little confused. I had actually written about Kiva Systems, which is the company that provides the robots that Quiet Logistics uses for fulfillment (not to be confused with Kiva the microfinance non-profit). Logistics and shipping are the hidden part of the second stage of the e-commerce boom. It’s a really interesting business, and it’s a good reason to take a look at Careers at Quiet Logistics. Right now they’re looking for a Client Services Account Coordinator. Check it out.

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