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OpenSky is a New York City based company that curates product recommendations based on recommendations from topic experts, and they're hiring.

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Yesterday I came across Fast Company‘s list of The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies. I love lists like these not only because they’re an interesting read, but also because they’re a fantastic source for company ideas. Unfortunately, this list in particular is always a little disappointing in terms of the latter–mostly because I’ve already written up a lot of the companies. That’s why it took me until #49 on a list of 50 to find a company to tell you about. Luckily, OpenSky looks pretty cool. They’re a New York, NY based company (with another office in Nashville, TN) that is changing the online shopping experience through a focus on curation (that’s a big buzzword lately). They’ve hand selected some of “the brightest stars in food, healthy living, style and design” to provide product recommendations. You can “add” any assortment of these experts to customize your shopping experience.

The Sky’s the Limit

Personalization in online shopping isn’t anything new. There are tons of companies that gather data about you, and then try to sell you things that they think you’ll buy. The problem is that the recommendations tend to be the same kind of things over and over. OpenSky is different because they don’t base recommendations on what you’ve purchased or indicated that you like but on your selection of people whose style you like. This adds an element of creativity and randomness that other recommendation engines can’t provide. And people must love it. OpenSky has over 1 million members and does $500,000 in sales weekly. Those are really big numbers for a young company, which means that they’re hiring to keep themselves growing. Right now their Jobs page shows a few interesting positions including Customer Service Representative, Graphic Designer, and Freelance Retoucher. There are a few other positions like Healthy Living Buyer and Project Manager, but they require some previous experience.

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