USA Football is a non-profit based in Indianapolis, IN that supports and expands the sport of amateur football.

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Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Yes, this might be a first. A weekend where both Saturday and Sunday are major holidays. Don’t even try to dispute the validity of Groundhog Day and Super Bowl Sunday as major holidays. That means we have another holiday themed non-profit organization to talk about. We looked high and low, and couldn’t find too many football related non-profits, which surprised us. We especially wanted to find one that is actively hiring, and on that front we struck out – er – got sacked.

USA Football is a non-profit organization that aims to support and expand the sport of amateur football. They don’t have any current job openings, but they are primed for some cold calling. If you want a job in Football, working at USA Football will definitely give you the right connections. They have an impressive list of staff and board members – including Chairman Jack Kemp, who was a 13-year NFL Quarterback and running mate to Presidential candidate Bob Dole (we’d reference Bob Dole’s endorsement of a certain brand of male enhancement products, but we’re afraid that word will get us flagged by spam filters). If you want to get a job that will build your network for a future job in football, this is a great place to start. On the other hand, if you want a job with an NFL Team now, wait for tomorrow’s post on One Day, One Job.

Note: On April 27th we revisited entry-level jobs at USA Football.

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