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MyWebGrocer is a Winooski, VT based company that provides “leading-edge eCommerce and eMarketing solutions to the grocery and consumer packaged goods industries.”

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I used to be perfectly happy to shop at a regular grocery store–I even got annoyed by the fancier stores. As I’ve gotten more yuppified, that has completely changed (it’s actually because I’ve learned to cook). Now I go to Whole Foods for produce and local specialty stores for meat and fish, but most people still do all of their shopping at a single grocery store. These are the kinds of people that big brands want to reach with marketing messages. MyWebGrocer is a Winooski, VT based company that makes that happen. They provide “leading-edge eCommerce and eMarketing solutions to the grocery and consumer packaged goods industries” including solutions like “website design, specialty modules for websites, hosting, sophisticated email strategies and consulting services.”


When you add it all up, there are more than 12 billion shopping trips that can be influenced every year. At that scale even small changes in behavior can have huge results, and that’s why marketing in the grocery and packaged goods sectors can be so important. MyWebGrocer has a video that does a fantastic job of explaining how their business works, so I highly encourage you to watch it below (click here if it doesn’t load):

If you want an even deeper understanding, you definitely need to read through some of MyWebGrocer’s client success stories. After that you can check out MyWebGrocer’s Careers page. Right now they’re looking for a Customer Support Engineer, a Junior Business Intelligence Engineer, and a Software Engineer. If titles with “Engineer” in them scare you, there’s also a paid Marketing Internship available.

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