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So how do you get in on mobile marketing while it’s still kind of early? You head for Millennial Media and their entry level jobs in Baltimore, MD.

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I hate the term Millennial when it’s used in the same way that Generation Y is. A lot of career advice these days is focused on generational issues, but I just don’t buy into it. Yes, old people and young people have different attitudes, but that’s nothing new. There are way more important things to be talking about, which is why I get visibly irked when the word millennial comes up. (And I’m proving my point right now by being a 25 year old grumpy old man.) My bad attitude should explain why it took me a second to warm to the idea of Millennial Media, which is a Baltimore, MD based mobile advertising company. By millennial, they mean next generation/futuristic, so they’re ok in my book. The company apparently has the largest mobile advertising network in the country, and they claim to reach 83% of the U.S. mobile audience.

The Mobile Millennium

It’s very clear that mobile advertising is growing at an amazing rate. Cell phones used to be terrible platforms for marketing messages, but we’re suddenly seeing that change with rich technologies on smaller devices. Getting ads on your phone may not seem all that desirable, but when you realize that it’s subsidizing all those cool, free sites, you have to agree that it’s worth looking at some ads to use Google or whatever other site on your phone. And with location based services popping all over the place, mobile advertising is actually going to be useful soon enough (Foursquare has already netted a free appetizer, a free cupcake, and 10% off of Berry Chill). So how do you get in on mobile marketing while it’s still kind of early? You head for Millennial Media. They’re an industry leader, and they’re already working with big name publishers like ABC, MTV, The New York Times, Digg, and more. And to get a closer look at how their platform works, you can check out Millennial Media’s Case Studies. If you like what you see, you should head over to Millennial Media’s Jobs page. Right now they have about a dozen job openings, and a few look suitable for new grads including Account Manager, Application Developers Account Manager, Business Analyst, and Mobile Application Developer. You can apply online for any of these positions.

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