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So what about jobs? Applied Trust need at least one Infrastructure Engineer right now, and two more by the end of the summer.

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A week ago I mentioned in a post on Quantcast that I’ve been getting e-mails (hit me up at from concerned readers who think that they have no chance at landing a job from here because companies that I feature are getting inundated with résumés. We’re nowhere near that big yet (and that’s a ridiculous job search mindset anyway), but we did recently outgrow our server. Migrating servers and then administering the new server is a total headache—it essentially consumed a week of my time to get all of the kinks worked out. That meant that a lot of my e-mails didn’t get replied to for a while, but luckily Ned McClain understands server migrations. He’s a fellow Cornell grad and a founder of Boulder, CO based Applied Trust, an IT security and network/systems infrastructure consulting company. He wanted me to tell you all about a few jobs that they have, and luckily they’re still around despite my slow response time (it’s not so slow any more with my new server—that’s a sys admin joke).

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As I learned the hard way, IT and network/systems infrastructure stuff isn’t easy for most people. You need to have a background in it if you’re going to work somewhere like Applied Trust. That means that most of you won’t fit the bill, but you should still take a look at Applied Trust’s website because they have the right approach to business. They’re extremely customer focused, and they consistently convey this message throughout the information that they provide on their website. This is important because IT Security and Network/Systems Infrastructure are really important. Something can go wrong at anytime, and you want to trust the people with whom you’re working—it looks like Applied Trust picked their name well. Another cool thing at Applied Trust is their Employee Canon. At first I was really excited about this because I thought they did something like shooting off a cannon to start off every work day. Then I realized that there was an “n” missing. These tenets are the core behind why Applied Trust is successful. So what about jobs? Applied Trust need at least one Infrastructure Engineer right now, and two more by the end of the summer. These are great jobs that come with free ski passes and 4 weeks of PTO during your first year. If you’re a CS major who doesn’t want to spend all day writing code, check out Applied Trust.

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