Almost all of Laserfiche’s Available Jobs appear to be geared towards new college grads. It is rare that you see entry-level jobs dominating a companies openings.

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Imagine that instead of graduating in 2008, you graduated in 1978. You’re a paralegal, and you’re working on a major litigation for a Japanese auto manufacturer. You are responsible for organizing thousands of pages of documents by keyword so that the lawyers will be able to quickly find relevant depositions. Doesn’t sound like very much fun, does it? Not too long ago this was a reality, and although we’re now mostly blind to the wonders of search, Laserfiche offered a revolutionary product in 1987 when they offered the first DOS-based document imaging system. Now paralegals could just scan these documents, and software would automatically index every single word. This may have been bad for paralegals (software replacing humans), but it was good for anyone who might consider working for Laserfiche. Although it may seem that companies could easily manage their documents now that most things have gone digital, they can’t. That’s why Laserfiche is still kicking around, helping organization manage information.

Microfiche + Lasers = Laserfiche

It’s hard to believe that paper documents still exist, but they are all over the place; in fact, some companies are still adding to their paper files. That means Laserfiche has plenty of opportunities to keep growing, but just in case it ever happens that every important file is finally in an electronic database, Laserfiche has broadened its capabilities. They provide services and software to help companies manage information. It may be hard to understand how difficult it is for a large organization to manage all of its information when you can do so easily on your own computer, but it becomes a major problem. We don’t fully understand how Laserfiche solves the problems (that’s why we’re not in the information management business), but we can see why they need to hire so many new people. It’s important stuff! Their clients include “local, state, and federal agencies; financial services firms; healthcare organizations; educational institutions; and other public and private sector organizations.” Next time you got to Town Hall and fill out a paper application for some permit, it might be Laserfiche’s software that ensures that your permit can be brought up on a computer in a different office.

Laserfiche Isn’t Just About Software

Despite the fact that what Laserfiche does is kind of techie, they offer a number of jobs that are suitable for people with a non-Engineering background (although Engineers will have plenty of options too). Here’s a quote from Laserfiche’s Campus Recruiting page:

Laserfiche is a great place to start your career. Don’t know what your interests are yet? Interested in everything? We allow you to easily move between project groups to work with a variety of new technologies, collaborate in small groups with your co-workers, and gain experience quickly. After a few years, engineers often will have worked on multiple product lines, exposing them to a variety of tools and emerging technologies

Almost all of Laserfiche’s Available Jobs appear to be geared towards new college grads. It is rare that you see entry-level jobs dominating a companies openings, but we can only see it as a good thing. You’ll see that the first 2 jobs are located in Shanghai, but the rest are out of Laserfiche’s headquarters in Long Beach, CA.

The job descriptions on most of these jobs are solid. They’re very clear about what kind of skills you’ll need to succeed in the job and what you’ll be doing once you’re in the job.

Judging from its website, Laserfiche looks like a fun place to work for new college grads. Be sure to take a look at profiles of new grads who are working at Laserfiche, Laserfiche’s benefits and culture, and the video and pictures on Laserfiche’s About page to get a better sense of what the work experience should be like.

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Aren’t you glad that you can work for Laserfiche instead of poring over paper documents for weeks at a time?

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