Penguin Group has a good mix of jobs that require little or no experience. You can find all of them listed on the Job Opportunities page, which is hard to find.

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Since we’ve hit you with more technical jobs over the past few days, we figure that we owe it to those of you who aren’t programmers to cover some more traditional jobs. And what could be more traditional than working for a major publishing house in New York City? If that sounds like something that intrigues you, then you should take a look at the Penguin Group and their entry-level jobs. They don’t appear to have a distinct college hiring program like Random House’s Associates Program, but they do have plenty of jobs that require little or no previous work experience.

It’s All About Whom You’re Publishing

Although I read a lot of books, I’m not sure that I know too much about the publishing industry. To me it seems like whom you’re publishing is the most important thing. Well, Penguin Group has the whom covered. Their roster of authors includes Dorothy Allison, Nevada Barr, Saul Bellow, A. Scott Berg, Maeve Binchy, Harold Bloom, Sylvia Browne, Tom Clancy, Robin Cook, Patricia Cornwell, Catherine Coulter, Clive Cussler, Eric Jerome Dickey, Richard Paul Evans, Helen Fielding, Ken Follett, Sue Grafton, W. E. B. Griffin, Nick Hornby, the Dalai Lama, Spencer Johnson, Jan Karon, Anne Lamott, James McBride, Terry McMillan, Arthur Miller, Jacqueline Mitchard, Toni Morrison, Kathleen Norris, Joyce Carol Oates, Robert B. Parker, Nora Roberts, John Sandford, Carol Shields, John Steinbeck, Amy Tan, and Kurt Vonnegut. That’s impressive. If you haven’t quite advanced to those names yet, you should also know that they published The Little Engine That Could and the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series.

March of the New College Grads

Penguin Group has a good mix of jobs that require little or no experience. You can find all of the jobs listed on their Job Opportunities page, which turns out to be quite difficult to find. The only way that we got to it was through their Contact page, which happens to be the first result when you Google “Penguin Group Jobs.” Job titles that require no prior work experience and are clearly entry-level include Human Resources Assistant, Junior Designer, and Subsidiary Rights Assistant. Jobs descriptions for titles such as Assistant Managing Editor, Print Shop Operator, and Online Content Coordinator say that 1 year of work experience is required. We’ll take that to mean that exceptional college students with significant internships experience will make great candidates. There are also a couple of other positions that require more previous work experience (2 to 3 years), but may be something that is worth looking at if you have a really strong resume (which reminds us to remind you to read our new post Résumé Your Facebook Addiction).

All of the jobs listed are located in New York, NY. You can apply by sending a cover letter and resume to to You can find out more about Penguin’s hiring process in this article. It’s from 2004, but it should still be helpful in figuring out how to land a job with Penguin.

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