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Lands' End is a Dodgeville, WI based "international apparel brand synonymous with timeless American style.”

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Many of America’s great apparel brands started out by catering to a specific sporting lifestyle. Some, like Filson and Orvis, have largely stayed true to their roots. While others, like Abercrombie & Fitch, have moved far away from the brands that they once were. Lands’ End got its start as a yachting supply company in Chicago, but today it is based in Dodgeville, WI and is “an international apparel brand synonymous with timeless American style.” The company is certainly still inspired by its nautical heritage, but they definitely had to broaden their horizons a bit to get where they now are–generating well over $1 billion in revenue annually.

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Apparently Lands’ End was recently spun off from Sears Holding, which is probably a good thing. Who shops at Sears anymore? The Lands’ End still has a ton of value, they seem to be keeping it fresh. Their homepage is filled with great photos and bright colors that make me yearn for summer (which is definitely not here yet). Check it out and see how their lines match up with your taste. It’s certainly not high fashion, but it’s the kind of stuff that you could see yourself wearing when you visit a friend’s lake house. If you like how that sounds, visit Lands’ End’s Careers page. There are some great opportunities including:

There are also quite a few retail opportunities available.

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