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Assuming that you do love their work, then you’ll probably want to check out careers at Austin, TX based GSD&M Idea City.

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This morning I was reading a blog post about why interns should be paid (since that’s what people like me do in the morning), and I noticed that the guy who wrote the post happens to work at an ad agency that pays its interns. Since paid internships seem to be a good indicator of ad agency quality, I figured that GSD&M Idea City was worth a look. I learned that they’re based in Austin, TX (I feel like a lot of companies that are hiring right now are based in Texas), and that they are one of the bigger names in the industry. In fact, from 1987 until 2007 they were “one of two agencies that held the Wal-Mart account” according to Wikipedia. That means that they helped “build Wal-Mart from $11 billion in sales to $312 billion.” The agency has since moved on, but their client list continues to impress.

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Another cool thing that I learned from Wikipedia is that GSD&M stands for the agency’s founders’ initials or “Greed, Sex, Drugs, and Money,” which all can be key factors in an advertising campaign. There isn’t much detail about the company on their website, but you can take a look at the work that they’ve done for clients including AT&T, BMW, American Red Cross, John Deere, Southwest Airlines, and quite a few others. It’s great stuff, and if you’re an ad nerd, you’ll love it. Assuming that you do love their work, then you’ll probably want to check out careers at GSD&M Idea City. Right now they have 30 jobs posted (with really detailed descriptions, but some don’t say much about required experience), and the following seem as though they might be good fits for new grads: Digital Media Planner, Assistant Account Manager (another one), Associate Broadcast Traffic Manager, Online Marketing Analyst, and Writer (and two more). You can apply for all of these positions online, and make sure you read over the job descriptions carefully—they’re kind of long.

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2 responses to “GSD&M Idea City”

  1. Thanks, Willy. I am the Communications Manager at GSD&M – I handle our internal communications and digital communications on behalf of the agency. I just saw your blog come through on my “GSD&M” Twitter search. Thanks for taking the time to put up such a thorough post.

    Here are some more links that go a little deeper into our agency culture and work:

    Best of luck to anyone that sees this and applies!

  2. Dana Marley says:

    Thanks for the information Willy! I just got word through email about GSD&M hiring and am keeping my fingers crossed for a call back! They are definitely one of the top companies (in my opinion) to work for in the advertising field without having to travel to NYC or LA. Just another reason I love Austin!

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