Logo is a Charlotte, NC based company that aims to be the place “where good decisions start” whether you're buying a home, new car, or college education.

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There’s no doubt that health and fitness are the most popular categories for New Year’s resolutions, but many people also want to improve themselves in the areas of education, finance, and careers. It seems easy at first–if you make better decisions, you’ll be better–but good decision making can be really hard. is a company that aims to be the place “where good decisions start.” The Charlotte, NC based company operates a portfolio of brands and businesses that can help you whether you’re “buying or selling a home, financing a new car, sending a child to college or shopping around for a new credit card.”

A Tree Worth Climbing’s brands include LendingTree,, InsuranceTree, Done Righ!, LendingTree Autos, HealthTree, and The common thread between most of the brands is comparison shopping. You can research your options and see how they stack up against each other. If you take the time to visit a few of the brands’ sites, you’ll see that they all have very similar business models. The goal is to bring in new customers for third partied by offering valuable tools that make those third parties compete for the customers’ business. If that sounds interesting to you, take a look at’s Careers page. Right now they’re looking for an Account Manager – LendingTree (Charlotte and LA), Business Analyst – Marketing Analytics, a Contract Administrator, an Account Manager – Affiliate Marketing, Sales Managers, and Rock Stars (Web/Software Development, Product Innovation, Online Marketing, and Business Development).

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