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Performance marketing truly is the future, so The Media Crew would be a great place to learn the ropes.

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You probably don’t even notice it happening around you, but the world of marketing is changing. Companies used to pay to be seen, then they started paying for clicks. Now it’s all about pay for performance. Advertisers want to know that they’re getting a significant return on their investment. Largo, FL (it’s near Tampa, not Key Largo) based The Media Crew is yet another Inc. 500 company that is growing quickly because they see the future. The Media Crew has been around since 1999, but they’ve really experienced great growth over the past three years—810% to $4.5 million in annual revenue, if you want to be exact. By helping generate leads for other businesses, they’ve been able to become a substantial business on their own.

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The Media Crew may have one of most bush league logos that I’ve ever seen, but I guess it hasn’t affected their results—and that’s what they’re focused on. A large part of The Media Crew’s business is providing a suite of services that includes E-mail Marketing, Lead Generation, Co-Registration, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Design (including logo design, hmmm), Direct Mail & Telemarketing, and even Call Center Solutions. There’s also Revenue Street, which is their affiliate marketing program. Performance marketing truly is the future, so The Media Crew would be a great place to learn the ropes. If you check out their Careers page, you’ll see that they’re looking for people in Affiliate Marketing Management, Email Marketing & Display Advertising Sales Management, and Web Development. They don’t provide a ton of info on the jobs, but you should reach out to them to learn more—they were named one of Florida’s Best Companies to Work For by Florida Trend.

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